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… and his kuma crew… or at least one of them (Mr Teddy). Another photo by The Mr. Silly Yoshi

I have been on a blogging roll… Don’t question these things (though, WP has a new sweet way of up loading photos. Makes a million times easier than before. Now when I say new… I mean new to me)

So it seems that Amubleu will be setting up shop at Otakon again this year. Unfortunately someone blabbed this info to the chibi without checking with me first. Due to over excitement (and too much sugar) the boys decided to pack now for the event. Haru, the more sensible one out of the two decided to pack necessities. Clothes being the case here. Where as Yoshi grabbed anything he could get his hands on… this included the Captain (run Captain!). I think Yoshi takes after me in this situation (no really, if you traveled with me you would know… Kelsey can vouch). Silly boys forgot two very important pieces of information to remember: 1. the convention is months away. We have plenty of time to prepare and 2. We’re local to the con. As much as a disappointment this is to them we will be sleeping at home that weekend. Silly boys…

…from blocking and finishing (found a use for those 17mm broom sticks… I mean knitting needles), to packaging, then display. I have too much time on my hands but at least I can say it was fun. Especially while watching ハウス for the second time.

Go ahead and watch the trailer… you know you want to.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, these guys just crack me up. I love how they photograph. The mr does an amazing job at capturing them.
Edit* Yoshi is wearing an olive t made by Mon from Dorset clothing. It goes so well with his knitted shorts and is just as soft<3

Photos are not mine. They are from Dollmore.

Oh my god, How adorable is that widdle face!? I spotted this guy on DOA (They were not sure if he was on topic or not). Normally I don’t usually check out Yo’s other than Volks Yo’s (not a snob , I swear. I was never into the size until recently. I have my two little cuties and I thought I was all set… until now)but I seriously love his face. Only problem he is really a she. She is a Mia’s baby doll Aga. Normally for the bigger boys this would bother me but I’m thinking for the little guys, not so much. Her body is so far from being anatomically correct that anything can go with this little one… so to me she is a he and I will refer to her as such:p I’m no where near able to get him at the moment but he will be going on the wish list. Maybe there will be another oni running around and causing a ruckus with the other two:3

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The hands are here(crazy fast) and I just could not resist taking a quick photo of them. They are so cute!!

Wittle bit hands… so cute. Another lovely photo by the Mr. I really need to get those H-04 “hold hands” spare hands for these little guys (then you can watch amu turn into a big mushy pile of goo due to the cute overload).

Crazy tired the last few days. I almost fell asleep in the paint booth… standing… with the fan on (they are loud). I’ve been going to bed crazy early and it seems to be working but the payment is that I’m over due on emails(I’m so sorry).

I was also going to post a sneak peak to some silliness I plan on posting tomorrow. Again thanks to the Mr (for taking the photos… they have me rolling) and Miss Seijikat (for the prop… which also had me rolling but in another way). I decided to save it. When it comes to silliness you have to either show all or nothing (it doesn’t spoil that way)

Anyway… thinking of starting a blogger for the shop updates… so that I’m spamming away here. Any thoughts on it? How about twitter or tumbler? (no mention of FB please:P)

The Mr was helping me this evening take photos for the Yo sized update I’m making in the commission thread tomorrow evening. His photos are always a million time better than what I’m able to produce. As soon as he put them into his computer he did some sizing and sent them over to me. I thought the two images above were so cute. Tsuyoshi looks like he’s in the middle of a dance.


Seriously, how cute is that? After waking up this morning the Mr saw these out blocking and said “they are some tiny sweaters”. I have this fascination for all things tiny especially when I see the larger version all the time. So I couldn’t resist. I tend to make cozies for ever thing I own like new electronics or anything I feel that needs covering up. All of the boys get at least one of their own in sweater form(except Hito who owns an insane amount). I’m having so much fun making these little guys that after finishing my pattern I made one for three different collar styles. This one is a v-neck (though, it may be hard to tell from the photo).

I may have a selection of these at Katsu next month. I’m so happy with the fit. The neck line lays perfectly and the sleeves drape so nicely despite the change in the density of the fabric. The only issue I have is the fact that head removal is a must in this size (these guys are so bobbled headed). I don’t mind that and even prefer it over velcro and snaps in the back (D:personal pet peeve… like over sized buttons) but I know that not everyone is fond of this. As I said I may make a few and see how they go *shrugs. It’s kind of hard to stop knitting them.

I’ll have photos of Yoshi-kun wearing his soon once his wig and clothes get here. They are all on there way so I should have him all set next week. Tiny little sweater for a tiny little guy.