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My new tiny care cards came in today and I love them. The Mr outdid himself this time. The font and arrangement of everything is perfect. These will be given out with the tiny items(puki and YO-sized). On the back there is my info as well as how to care for your woolen and mohair goodiesX3. I still have so much to do but I have been on a knitting roll this weekend (commission on top of merch for Otakon). At work I’m making a new batch of hangers.

As for today, it was one of those days More»

know it all

The mr will find a million things wrong with this photo and my sad attempts of photoshopping.

Hito looks like a know it all with Tak’s glasses (his broken ones). He knows that I want to stop working on human knits and start working on doll knits. Why is it that everytime I have to knit one thing a million ideas for another project some up only to disappear when I finally have the time. I kind of in that place right now. Oh well.

Btw, this sweater on the sd13 body is funny. When Hito was borrowing Emile’s body it fit like a charm… when he wears it on his current body, not so much.