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I’m playing with honey locust thorns this evening. Nasty little buggers.

The Vamps announced that there will be a new album this summer and a world tour this fall. I just thought you would want to know;P

Btw, I received an email today about doing a gallery show at a local gallery.

I finally found a pics of the Vamp’s Hellween Live costumes… well two out of three. I’m still waiting to see the Peter Burns costume so I will continue my search… These guys crack me up. hahaha…


vest and vamps

I’m still alive… though I feel like I’ve been reminding people of that quite often on this blog. Still preparing for nekocon. I haven’t hit panic mode but I think it’s because the mr has been a huge help in the preparing stages. I’m going to talk him into helping me silk screen this weekend:P

I made a new vest which hito is modeling, though I really should have put more thought into the photo. it may be hard to see because I’ve realized that my screen on my laptop is pretty light. I always forget this so I can imagine that my photos look very dark to everyone else.
I’m happy with the vest but I know I’m going to have to make some changes. I want to silk screen a panel in the front so I may combine some of the panels. I don’t to lose the shaping but if I have to I’ll add darts (don’t wanna though TAT). I’ll figure it out eventually. I did realize that my steaming and pressing skills need work.

I’m feeling silly this evening so I included my new wall paper in my very dark photo. My old one was a photo of Mizuko. It was an old photo right after I gave him his first face up (a face up only a mother could love and boy did I think he was the cutest thing ever. Still is<3). For now I put up this fun little gem until I replace it. It fits since I joined a Hyde mnm group order… because you know, why have one mnm head when you can two (*cough* or three *cough*). It’s my first time joining a mnm go so I really didn’t know what to expect. Normally I remain low key in any group order I join but this one is hilariously fun. The person running it is just so great and a few have really gotten into the whole thing. Anyway, I can’t until the heads are finished but I know I’ll be bummed when it ends. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.