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or at least it felt like it.

Every job I touched this week had some type of mini disaster. The big one that needed to be finished was but not with out the help of the entire shop. Only one job on my list was completed. I had five that needed to go out TAT.

Anyway, enough of the whining. I’ve been neglecting the doll blog since crunch time started for the merry mart.

The mr, Lauren and I will be going up to dc tomorrow for the doll meet at teaism tomorrow. I’m very excited. It will be a much deserved break. I was struggling over what to change Hito into but I think he’s going to stay in the outfit that he wore to the merry mart (though he still can’t sit in those Sadol jeans of his. they may need a bit more stretching or he’ll be standing the whole time).

I need sleep so I’m going to bed.

For Lj buddies…: is anyone having issues receiving email notices when they receive messages? I’m not getting mine at all. I only log on to Lj after I get emails stating that I have a comment waiting. Even though I’ve been using it for years (under amubleu and another name) I really don’t customize my account nor use all of the features it offers(though I do have a paid account now). I’m wondering if I changed a setting or something. I tried to look myself but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

The merry mart is over and I’m a semi-free woman (I still have a ton of holiday knitting to still do on top of jobs that have to be finished). We’re going to dc this saturday for the teaism meet. I’m very excited. Still trying to figure out who to bring. Most likely Hito… not sure of there will be a second one for not.

The week after if the Baltidoll holiday meet at Koba. I have a bit to prepare for. I think this has to be the busiest December ever;_;…

I’m making a super late night post. Spent most of the early part of the day running around. I later foun d myself sitting under the kotatsu watching my one piece marathon while knitting like a mad woman. I’m now trying to make up for the non post I failed to make last night. I predict that it’s just going to be a load of gibberish so bear with me.

The NY Dolpa was announced and the dates seem to be set. I’m going to try my best to go. I have plenty of time to plan. I figured I’ll go to NY by myself for a few days but hating the fact that I would be traveling alone bothers The Mr for some strange reason. So he said he would go as well. We’ll see. I would hate to drag him to another doll event. Meets are one thing. He enjoys those but to spend a few days surrounded by dolls for an entire weekend is another thing. He could have a weekend of video games, the pug and himself.

Totally unrelated, just as I slowly shrunk down my wish list, new doll heads are finding their way on to it. For the past few months I planned that the Swd School A would be my next head. I was going to mod the eyes open a bit. I still plan on getting him but now I see that dollgru opened up her #9 preorder again but only for a few weeks. He is such an odd sculpt but as strange as it is, his profile is quite lovely. I was hoping to find a gentle enough sculpt to pair up with Hito and this one may be it. We’ll see though. If I get him, I’ll paint him up only for him to tell me that my plans were all wrong. It always happens.