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Messing with another new app. This one is called PhotoShake. Very silly but fun. This little collection of photos are my nine favorite of the chibi that I took and posted on Instagram(explains the craptacular quality… Instagram does that to photos). So funny these two are. I was thinking of maybe getting a third boy (a Mamu boy would be a cute idea) or… dare say… wait for it… get a girl to start a little trouble (hahaha, not happening anytime soon). But looking at these photos I’m happy with these two silly boys.

-Purchased this coat this morning. This is the first time I ever fought through a Volks after event (or whatever it’s called) for an outfit but I almost bought it back in April on Ebay for Hito. It was going for $90+ at the time. Seeing it only go for $28 I figured I would give it a try. Ahhh!!! That web site was just crazy when the sale went up. Quite a few items sold out quickly but mostly the DDs outfits. Luckily the coat was not one of them and Hito now has outer wear (a scarf and hat will be made for him soon after it’s arrival… not like I need to be thinking coats right now).

-TMI: I have a slight sore throat the last several days. I can’t decide if its sinus or a cold coming on. It’s going to be hot next week so I’m really hoping it’s not the later (╬ ಠ益ಠ). Summer colds are the worse. Also I have a mini meet with Lauren and Leigh… don’t want to be sick for that. (again with the (╬ ಠ益ಠ))

Tsuyoshi: Haru-kun, you can’t do that. Your playing the game all wrong.
Haru: Tsuyoshi-san, how else is it to be played? Don’t be a sore loser.
Tsuyoshi: I’m not playing any more.

Yoshi has a bit of a temper when it comes to losing even if it’s losing to Haru.

About the flooring… long involved details that may not even interest most… I just like to type so I’ll spare you with a cut… but I’ll be talking about those cute little 360 controllers so skip towards the end to get that in…

My new tiny care cards came in today and I love them. The Mr outdid himself this time. The font and arrangement of everything is perfect. These will be given out with the tiny items(puki and YO-sized). On the back there is my info as well as how to care for your woolen and mohair goodiesX3. I still have so much to do but I have been on a knitting roll this weekend (commission on top of merch for Otakon). At work I’m making a new batch of hangers.

As for today, it was one of those days More»

Seiji: Owwww… Beau-kun. That really hurt!
Captain: …. so sorry…

And the story continues… More»

Everyone has been waiting for this. Yoshi-kun has been practicing for weeks to roll the katamari ball that Hallow and Miss SeijiKat kindly put together for him. He couldn’t be more excited. When asked how big he planned to roll it, his serious reply was “seventy quadrillion-bajillian kilometers”… (he likes to dream big).

Before he starts his roll he wants to explain his plan of action: More»

There is no doubt that the default outfit for the SWD White Rabbit is just too adorable. I will admit though, that the pants are bit over the top. Never ending frills with a gigantic bunny tail in the back. I never really thought Haru would ever use them since his style is leaning towards the Mori boy look (it does exists… I swear). I had mentioned this particular pair of pants to Mrs Seigikat in a recent LJ reply. She wanted to see them and so she shall….

Though, the model I had chosen was not the most willing

Haru was rather upset when asked to wear the frilly pants. Little gentlemen do not wear ruffled shorts.

Seeing how distraught his friend was after being asked to turn around so that we could witness the gigantic puffball (which he refused to do by the way… “how humiliating” he said) and just recently discovering of his new found love for cosplay, Tsuyoshi agreed to take Haru’s place. More»

I’ve had a draining week so sadly not much doll news. I still figured that I would up date.

My sister Cait is now safely in Colorado. I was feeling a bit better about her move until she left a mushy message for me while she was at the air port. So, this evening to the Mr and I stuff our faces with Chipotle and I made the mistake of doing a little bit of “window shopping” in the tiny section in the market place on DOA. I spotted a certain sleepy bunny I regret not getting earlier last year. I’m not sure if I’m going to go for it or not but he is terrible adorable and very tempting. It would break my “no new dolls for the first half of 2011″ rule…. but really, who was I kidding.

I think I’m going to attempt some doll clean up and painting this weekend. Seiji (msd Schultz) has been looking his cutest since we got back from Katsucon so I think this weekend I’m going to clean up his seams and finally blush him. It just irks me that he has this adorable little face up (I have no clue how I managed it but it took two tries) but a pale unblushed body. Especially his hands. It may take all weekend but will be so worth it when everything is done. Then the next one on the clean up list will be Hito. The poor boys needs a new body blushing and everything. I’m still fearful of having to redo his face up though.

The hotel we were staying at had a cute little stream. Late sunday night coming back from dinner I decided to let Tsuyoshi play near the stream. His overalls are a big baggy since he has a new little friend tucked inside of them. This year at the convention a few of my boys actually received gifts. You have no idea how incredibly touched I was to get them. Once I get settled in this week I’ll get my two little boys together to show off their gifts because they need to be seen.

When we got back this morning I was so sleepy but had so much to do. We picked up Chan from my parents and ran errands so we could actually eat this week and not depend on Hill Top next door(carry out). After we finally settled in I picked one of my personal knitting projects back up but wound up crashing in the process. I slept for almost two hours. I’m still sleepy but as you can see I’m up.

Just to let you know I did make a few post this weekend while I was at the convention. Silly me posted them in the wrong blog… grrr. They were posted on the daily blog. If you want to check them out you can go here here and here. They aren’t huge posts but you can still see what I was up to… sort of. Going to bed now…

I know I said that I had no doll plans for this year… yet, twice (here and here) in a short amount of time Channel TOYBOX has reminded me that I need a modded NS School A or a NS SWD School A to go with the School A I got at Dolpa (you know, the one I was going to sell to recoup some of the money spent on Aki… but didn’t).

By the way, her site also reminds me that I really want one of those gorgeous shirts of hers. So pretty… And I need to build a good collection on short haired wigs, preferably mohair. That or learn to make my own wefts with all that wool I’ve been buying. Going to her site daily has to stop. The list of dolly needs is getting longer and longer with each visit.

Silliness with the boys. I found this link on another doll blog (which I can not find for the life of me). I wanted to see how da boyz would look given the dolly treatment. Sadly this site entertained me to no end (though, I think it was “the tired” that was taking over). Can you guess who is who? Some have rarely been seen here on the blog but others seriously stick out. The Mr spotted Hito a mile away but got Mizuko and Seiji mixed up. I was able to get all but 1 of the 9 in there… and yes I’m including teh kitteh (see center bottom). Seeing them like this makes them look like a bad asian boy band. I need to throw a girl in there somewhere. Hopefully the link will entertain someone reading this.

I have animated versions of these guys but I can not figure out how to post them with out making my post and blog look odd. When I figure it out I’ll post them.