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Yuuta and Kouta would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday this year. I had a great one myself. It was loads more productive that I had expected. I got to spend a lot of time with the Mr and my family and pretty much over ate everyday I was off…. Meh, that is what New Years resolutions are for, right?! After a week long vacation I’m heading back to work starting tomorrow. I had a very good 2013 and I look forward to 2014. I’m going to work on being more productive and creative this year.
Before I end this though…

Due to the craziness that was New Years I almost forgot that yesterday was Tsuyoshi third anniversary here in the amu house. For one to have the nerve to officially break my long running “No YoSD” rule this little guy has been way more fun than expected. Thanks for the adventurous years little kuma. Let wish for many more.


… and his kuma crew… or at least one of them (Mr Teddy). Another photo by The Mr. Silly Yoshi

I have been on a blogging roll… Don’t question these things (though, WP has a new sweet way of up loading photos. Makes a million times easier than before. Now when I say new… I mean new to me)

Dragged a few of the boys out to have them model a few sweaters for an etsy order that I hope to make this week (waiting for the photos at the moment). I was shocked to see how many sweaters I had actually knitted for Ota. For some reason I wasn’t really keep track and just kept knitting along. I was in a bit of a panic when chaos was going on until I saw the pile of sweaters I need to finish and tag… then it just got overwhelming. Sold quite a few thankfully but there are some left over from the show. Again, Daisuke in pants cracks me up and Hito in that striped sweater<3. That boy is the biggest problem when it comes to me letting those sweaters go. Pfffff… he has too many.


Messing with another new app. This one is called PhotoShake. Very silly but fun. This little collection of photos are my nine favorite of the chibi that I took and posted on Instagram(explains the craptacular quality… Instagram does that to photos). So funny these two are. I was thinking of maybe getting a third boy (a Mamu boy would be a cute idea) or… dare say… wait for it… get a girl to start a little trouble (hahaha, not happening anytime soon). But looking at these photos I’m happy with these two silly boys.

-Purchased this coat this morning. This is the first time I ever fought through a Volks after event (or whatever it’s called) for an outfit but I almost bought it back in April on Ebay for Hito. It was going for $90+ at the time. Seeing it only go for $28 I figured I would give it a try. Ahhh!!! That web site was just crazy when the sale went up. Quite a few items sold out quickly but mostly the DDs outfits. Luckily the coat was not one of them and Hito now has outer wear (a scarf and hat will be made for him soon after it’s arrival… not like I need to be thinking coats right now).

-TMI: I have a slight sore throat the last several days. I can’t decide if its sinus or a cold coming on. It’s going to be hot next week so I’m really hoping it’s not the later (╬ ಠ益ಠ). Summer colds are the worse. Also I have a mini meet with Lauren and Leigh… don’t want to be sick for that. (again with the (╬ ಠ益ಠ))

Death by cuteness anyone? Besides the seriously adorable Volks uniforms I’ve been going on about everywhere but here, early last week I purchased these two adorable Kuma (bear) hats from etsy artist ParakeetPeach. She was at Doll Fete a few weekends back and I happened to spot them in a few instagram photos from the show (more reasons to love that app). I crossed fingers that she might have a few left over and that she would put them in her shop. Lucky for me she did, only a few days after the show. How cute are they?! I love her cute accessories and clothes. I just want everything that she has in her shop right now!

Now, as for these two silly boys… I think they are attempting the Fusion Dance OAO. Which I will tell is almost, if not absolutely impossible with the Volks YoSD body. In case for some strange reason you are not familiar with the Fusion dance here is a perfect example below:

This is a DBZ thing but in this case it’s some random scene from Zetsubou Sensei.

So it seems that Amubleu will be setting up shop at Otakon again this year. Unfortunately someone blabbed this info to the chibi without checking with me first. Due to over excitement (and too much sugar) the boys decided to pack now for the event. Haru, the more sensible one out of the two decided to pack necessities. Clothes being the case here. Where as Yoshi grabbed anything he could get his hands on… this included the Captain (run Captain!). I think Yoshi takes after me in this situation (no really, if you traveled with me you would know… Kelsey can vouch). Silly boys forgot two very important pieces of information to remember: 1. the convention is months away. We have plenty of time to prepare and 2. We’re local to the con. As much as a disappointment this is to them we will be sleeping at home that weekend. Silly boys…

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, these guys just crack me up. I love how they photograph. The mr does an amazing job at capturing them.
Edit* Yoshi is wearing an olive t made by Mon from Dorset clothing. It goes so well with his knitted shorts and is just as soft<3

Tsuyoshi: Haru-kun, you can’t do that. Your playing the game all wrong.
Haru: Tsuyoshi-san, how else is it to be played? Don’t be a sore loser.
Tsuyoshi: I’m not playing any more.

Yoshi has a bit of a temper when it comes to losing even if it’s losing to Haru.

About the flooring… long involved details that may not even interest most… I just like to type so I’ll spare you with a cut… but I’ll be talking about those cute little 360 controllers so skip towards the end to get that in…


One more shot of these guys before I run off to knit. The mr took several photos very much like this one for some new “care instruction” cards I’m having made for the tines’ items. Everyone who has purchased a sweater in the past has always received at least one of the two types of post cards I’ve had made. In the back of each one are care instructions and such for the sweaters. For the tinies I’m having business sized card made (…get it… tiny post cards… *head to desk because I’m a dork*). Anyway, you can see I made good use of those little hands I purchased X3… Later this week I’ll have photos of Hito in his finished Owl sweater… finally.