i never really showed off any of the blushing job i did on hitomu. here’s a little sample. it may be a bit much for some. i think i got carried away with some parts of the body but i had my reasons. lack of sleep and being a bit punch drunk didn’t help at all. i love it though. i will admit that i did not like the volk’s sd13 feet at first. i thought they were gnarly little things. now i’ve grown to love them. when he’s at home and with me he rarely wears shoes:P

anyway, enough about feet. i’m getting all of my stuff ready for the commission thread. i realized today, of all times, that i didn’t have an example of a specific collar style. so i started on one this morning so that i could at least have a sample to show. i will also be putting up a sale thread for the few sweaters i had left at the convention as well as a few i had started before the con but didn’t get to during. keep your eyes open this week.