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Honey Locust Thorn, silver, Swarovski crystal

This is rather on the large size but I wanted to be able to see it in the photo. I’m thinking that maybe this larger thorn is more suited to be a doll sized hair stick. I’m going to leave a few plain but lightly sanded and polished. There are several that have aged, that have an ash or tree bark look to them. They were inspired by shawl pins. It was suggested by a non doll person that they would look lovely on the sweaters. I thought “why not?”


I’m playing with honey locust thorns this evening. Nasty little buggers.

The Vamps announced that there will be a new album this summer and a world tour this fall. I just thought you would want to know;P

Btw, I received an email today about doing a gallery show at a local gallery.