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So the lovely Mr Head is here and I love him to pieces. Jamie of Lightlybattered did an amazing job. He looks as though he was sculpted this way and not modded. The mod work is smooth and flawless and the face up is gorgeous. I love the shape of his eye. For my first experience with sending a head out to be modded and painted, I would say it was so worth the time and money and I see no problem doing it again. Love him<3

So the sweater is officially finished. I’m so happy with the end results. The Mr was so kind enough this evening to take some evening shots of Hito in his new sweater in our yard. Over sized brick wall and creepy decaying Pan statue… but what ever. Hito hasn’t had this much attention in a while and it’s totally deserving. He looks lovely<3


One more shot of these guys before I run off to knit. The mr took several photos very much like this one for some new “care instruction” cards I’m having made for the tines’ items. Everyone who has purchased a sweater in the past has always received at least one of the two types of post cards I’ve had made. In the back of each one are care instructions and such for the sweaters. For the tinies I’m having business sized card made (…get it… tiny post cards… *head to desk because I’m a dork*). Anyway, you can see I made good use of those little hands I purchased X3… Later this week I’ll have photos of Hito in his finished Owl sweater… finally.

A photo taken by the Mr early Saturday. I think this is going to be my new wall paper for a little bit. I’ve been using the photo from this post since last year. Though it doesn’t feel right not having Hito’s pretty mug flashing across my computer. Anyway… we’ll give the new one a try for now.

The little guys hanging out in the back yard(so cute)… while I’m hacking my lungs out in the house(…not so cute). I was sick as a dog last week and still had to go into work. Blah… I still have an obnoxious cough but I’m still taking the train up to Philly tomorrow with my mom. I’m on the look out for Otakon supplies. Hoping to get some new mohair and wool lace. … as well as some soft pretzels from Reading Terminal Market. is still up in the air at the moment. It’s there but I’m trying to not post so that it doesn’t inconvenience the Mr. He has to go back and back up the new posts… A bit of a pain for him. Hopefully everything will be back to normal later this week. So much to post about.

Wittle bit hands… so cute. Another lovely photo by the Mr. I really need to get those H-04 “hold hands” spare hands for these little guys (then you can watch amu turn into a big mushy pile of goo due to the cute overload).

Crazy tired the last few days. I almost fell asleep in the paint booth… standing… with the fan on (they are loud). I’ve been going to bed crazy early and it seems to be working but the payment is that I’m over due on emails(I’m so sorry).

I was also going to post a sneak peak to some silliness I plan on posting tomorrow. Again thanks to the Mr (for taking the photos… they have me rolling) and Miss Seijikat (for the prop… which also had me rolling but in another way). I decided to save it. When it comes to silliness you have to either show all or nothing (it doesn’t spoil that way)

Anyway… thinking of starting a blogger for the shop updates… so that I’m spamming away here. Any thoughts on it? How about twitter or tumbler? (no mention of FB please:P)

Meet Haru. This little boy is a Volks SWD White Rabbit. I got him on the marketplace from a wonderful seller, Aussie grrrl (seriously, she was incredibly sweet). I just love him to pieces. He was one of the only things I was kicking myself for not getting last NY Dolpa. I’m not sure about the wig (it’s Yoshi’s default) but I love the color on him. I think I may go for another style. Anyway, he’s wearing a blouse that came from the white rabbit default set and Tsuyoshi’s shorts. The sweater was hand knitted just for him as soon as I found out he was going to staying with me. It’s actually a scaled down version of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Baby Sweater on Two Needles” or “December Baby Sweater”(ravelry). The stitch count is exact to the original pattern. I just used a finer wool (lace) and tiny needles (3/0). I’m quite happy with it.

The photo was taken by the Mr. He just surprises me all the time with his photos (though if you ask him, he’s still not entirely happy with this one… what does he know). I think photography is an under-appreciated skill and art. People tend to think it’s the camera and not the person behind it when in fact that is so not true. The subject is just a small part of it. The concept of understanding light and balance in photograph is a different monster entirely and is totally Latin to me but the Mr completely understands it. When it comes to knitting for other people I am amazed at how thoughtful and appreciative people are. When it comes to photography that is rarely the case. It’s a shame really… Well, there is my soapbox moment. Let me get down before I fall… Nighty night.

kotatsu time

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Mine was lovely… and lazy. It seems that the Captain is having the same kind of break. Though, I will say that it’s well deserved. He works so hard for most of the year and yet he gets so little thanks let alone a break. Where my big boys have been getting new clothes here and there (spoiled I tell ya) he hasn’t received a single piece of new clothing in almost two years. I figured this year I would make a couple of things to expand the oh-so-roomy wardrobe that the Captain currently has.


i’m up way too late looking at doll photos. i haven’t posted in my daily yet:(

today we took photos for the commission page. mainly just collar styles and a few sweaters i finished after the con that will be up for sale shortly as well. i set the boys up while the mr photographed them. while hito was waiting his turn the mr sneaked this one in.
the mr really knows how to win a girl’s heart by taking photos like these. hito looks so soft and fragile in this photo. i would have never been able to get it myself. the mr takes amazing photos. i don’t tell him enough and i should. i’m a lucky girl.