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Everyone has been waiting for this. Yoshi-kun has been practicing for weeks to roll the katamari ball that Hallow and Miss SeijiKat kindly put together for him. He couldn’t be more excited. When asked how big he planned to roll it, his serious reply was “seventy quadrillion-bajillian kilometers”… (he likes to dream big).

Before he starts his roll he wants to explain his plan of action: More»

kotatsu time

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Mine was lovely… and lazy. It seems that the Captain is having the same kind of break. Though, I will say that it’s well deserved. He works so hard for most of the year and yet he gets so little thanks let alone a break. Where my big boys have been getting new clothes here and there (spoiled I tell ya) he hasn’t received a single piece of new clothing in almost two years. I figured this year I would make a couple of things to expand the oh-so-roomy wardrobe that the Captain currently has.

puki hat

this is a little custom hat i’m making for mallory. is it not hilarious? oh so tiny.
she wants antennae on the top with a chin strap underneath. i should have it finished this weekend.
i’m also planning to make a few more in different styles. even though the captain is a bit more conservative in style, pukis are so fun to knit and crochet for.

here is another side view. the captain looks as though to ask “get it off! get it of!”
get it off! get it off!