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hito's new eyes

hito’s lovely olive green eyes came in today and i couldn’t be more excited. they are 14mm uk glass that were purchased though a pupapa paradise group order that alissa put together. how lovely are they? i’ve been going through this olive green kick for a while now and always wanted one of my boys to have eyes this color. now i do and they are just perfect for him.

anyway here are some pictures of the eyes in action More»


these guys are so delicate. i love how they turned out. they fit both my elfdoll and d612 hands. now i need to try them on a few other pairs of hands just to see who can and can’t wear them.
by the way, these are made of 100% lace weight merino wool. super soft and the drape on them is lovely.
tak, my elfdoll wu is wearing them in the photo. i love the classic style elfdoll hands. it’s hard to tell in the photo but they are the loveliest hands out there. sd-17s are a close second.

this is actually the second pair of these that i’ve made. mini rant behind the cut. More»

testing.... testing

the mr grabbed my camera this evening to test it’s “depth of field (i hope thats right)” out using takumi as his test subject. i spotted these photos an desided to put them up. tak looks so serious in these.
i also like how una, in the background, seems to grow as the photos were taken.

double posting from the amu blog behind cut to spare lj friends the double vision


i was taking silly photos at the hotel while people were running around the con or taking naps. it seem that these guys had the same idea… or at least one of them.