night time knitting

there is something to say about cute boys that knit… or at least try to. poor hito. he’s having a bit of a rough first time but you wouldn’t know it. he’s still calm and cool. i think he’ll figure it out some day.
this was the only photo i took last night. with the heat and things just not working the way i wanted them to, i just gave up after one shot. i really need to think the photos out and take my time. i’m always expecting things to work out at the very first try. it doesn’t always happen that way.

well msdoll delivered early and the new devil drayton is up on ndoll. i’m seriously tempted. as tame and “normal” as my large boys seem i wouldn’t mind having a little dramatic devil lounging about. i would be tempted to open his eyes ever so slightly, but we’ll see. i would have to get my hands on him first.
btw, searching around the ndoll site i saw this another space outfit that i’ve been eyeing up for a while now. i really want the vest for hyde and the pants for hito i think… or tak. either way, i want it. i’m not sure what i would do with the rest of it.

oh one more thing, the lovely mallory (_mouse_ on doa) started up a forum of sorts for the baltimore bjd group. if your in the baltimore group and haven’t joined do so when you get the chance. there is even a section for our favorite socialite vivian von vanderbelt. what more can you ask for?