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… and his kuma crew… or at least one of them (Mr Teddy). Another photo by The Mr. Silly Yoshi

I have been on a blogging roll… Don’t question these things (though, WP has a new sweet way of up loading photos. Makes a million times easier than before. Now when I say new… I mean new to me)

Dragged a few of the boys out to have them model a few sweaters for an etsy order that I hope to make this week (waiting for the photos at the moment). I was shocked to see how many sweaters I had actually knitted for Ota. For some reason I wasn’t really keep track and just kept knitting along. I was in a bit of a panic when chaos was going on until I saw the pile of sweaters I need to finish and tag… then it just got overwhelming. Sold quite a few thankfully but there are some left over from the show. Again, Daisuke in pants cracks me up and Hito in that striped sweater<3. That boy is the biggest problem when it comes to me letting those sweaters go. Pfffff… he has too many.



Since Mrs Seijikat has seen this photo already I though it would be okay to post it this evening. Mainly because the Mr’s photograph is the awesome and Tsuyoshi is a cutie. I love this color green. It photographs so amazingly well. This sweater also makes me happy in that the stitches at this gauge worked out so well. There is still a bit of drape and slouch to it. I can not wait to see it on her Hallow<3 So this evening I officially put my needles away. I have finished all of my knitting for the con including a few orders. I won’t stay away long though. As soon as I get into the car to drive up to the convention they will be back in my hands… this time the projects will be for me and my guys:D

The Mr was helping me this evening take photos for the Yo sized update I’m making in the commission thread tomorrow evening. His photos are always a million time better than what I’m able to produce. As soon as he put them into his computer he did some sizing and sent them over to me. I thought the two images above were so cute. Tsuyoshi looks like he’s in the middle of a dance.


Seriously, how cute is that? After waking up this morning the Mr saw these out blocking and said “they are some tiny sweaters”. I have this fascination for all things tiny especially when I see the larger version all the time. So I couldn’t resist. I tend to make cozies for ever thing I own like new electronics or anything I feel that needs covering up. All of the boys get at least one of their own in sweater form(except Hito who owns an insane amount). I’m having so much fun making these little guys that after finishing my pattern I made one for three different collar styles. This one is a v-neck (though, it may be hard to tell from the photo).

I may have a selection of these at Katsu next month. I’m so happy with the fit. The neck line lays perfectly and the sleeves drape so nicely despite the change in the density of the fabric. The only issue I have is the fact that head removal is a must in this size (these guys are so bobbled headed). I don’t mind that and even prefer it over velcro and snaps in the back (D:personal pet peeve… like over sized buttons) but I know that not everyone is fond of this. As I said I may make a few and see how they go *shrugs. It’s kind of hard to stop knitting them.

I’ll have photos of Yoshi-kun wearing his soon once his wig and clothes get here. They are all on there way so I should have him all set next week. Tiny little sweater for a tiny little guy.

deep v in plum

So I think I finally found a color for Aki. The color is called blackcurrant and it’s a deep dark plum. Finally. When I was at Neko Muffin asked if I had ever tried making a deeper cut v-neck. When I first went into making the v-neck style I did have a deep v-neck in mind. Because, you know, I love me some v-necks and the deeper the better (I think I have this slight fondness for the neck, collar bone and shoulder area, if you can’t tell by now. Pilates you scarred me for life). The first attempt was a total failure. So I went back and shortened it a bit. After the con when this particular yarn came in I thought I would give it a go. I had a better understanding this time around and I think it worked out. It’s hard to tell in the photo (this yarn is also extra fuzzy and my photo skills are… crap) but the collar really hugs his chest and shoulders. More so than the shorter “v”. I’m happy and Aki has his sweater. This one isn’t completely finished (the ends need to be woven in) but when it is I’ll take proper photos.

Uh I kind of said in my last post that the next few would be Aki-centric. Here is a little Hito and Aki to mix it up a bit

I wanted to give these photos a little bit of a vintage feel… or whatever you call it-_-,. The two together crack me up though. Hito looks a bit irritated in the first photo. I could have been taking too long to take the photo or Aki said something offensive.

red v-neck

In case anyone missed it, I had a rather “woe is me” moment this weekend. With very little warning my hard drive went kaput… again. Meaning I lost everything in my laptop… again. Sadly, in the short years I’ve learned how to use the thing call a computer I’ve become dependent on it for everything. Lack of sleep piled up on top of other things running through my head, you would have thought it was the end of the world. My mother put it into proper perspective when she said the next morning “Girl, if that’s the worst thing you ever go through in your life consider yourself lucky” …she’s totally right of course. Thanks to my hero the Mr (who I can not do with out), in the end my comp has a new hard drive and is running a million times faster (less cluttered). I also finished a sweater in record time for the meet next weekend (whoo hoo) while I was waiting for my Hero to makes things right. Anyway, all is well.

The sweater above is the finished v-neck I’ve been wanting to make. It’s officially available on the commission page. Sd sized only for now but hopefully, soon in mature mini as well. I have a great fondness for v-necks in case anyone can’t tell. And on the boy’s the deeper the “v” the better (I’ve been sporting a lower cut myself;D). This style is a bit more relaxed.

A tiny bit of anime talk More»

v-neck... YES!

While I wait for a commission piece to dry, all I really have to say right now is “Yes!” I finally made an attempt to make a v-neck style Takumi Sweater and it’s looking alright. I need to work out a few bugs. I do like the webbing effect that it created. Certainly not done in the most traditional process but I’ll do anything to get a specific result. Kristi (alanna214) has done some fantastic examples of v-neck doll sweaters. I believe she uses a more traditional approach and they are just flawlessly done(though, I think she’ll argue with me on that, but I still stick to my word on the subject). She definitely has more patience than me.

Just a quick note to myself about this sweater: I think I finally worked out a way to use the Kitchener stitches with less bulk… YAY!

This sweater is far from done. It need to be washed, blocked and the ends need to be woven in… It will smooth out any obvious flaws that are showing. I think the only reason it looks as good as it does is for the fact that the Muse if wearing it.

Speaking of Muse, it seems that his bday is coming up very soon. In a few days as a matter of fact. Who knew that a little junk cast that started out as an experiment would take over. That was totally not my goal when I started this blog. I can’t help but <3 Hitomu.


I’m so tired this evening. I should start a tag that says “it’s tuesday and i’m tired”. It always happens.

I’m so itching to work on doll knits again. Luckily one of the gifts I’m giving is a sd sized black cardigan. I was told I can use anything so I’m trying to decide on wool or mohair. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a pattern together to maybe add to the commission styles

Anyway, I was going through my stock of sweaters from the convention and I thought I would finally put a sales page up. These will all go up on doa this week and then after the merry mart I’ll slowly add them to the etsy shop. So that I avoid spamming any of my friends list, all of the info is behind the link


gage in amubleu... pretty<3

so i finally make my con post for the doll blog. i actually started this late last night but gave up when i realized the time.

i had a great time this year. thank you everyone who stopped by to say hello. it was great to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones. i lost my voice by sunday evening talking to everyone… well that and screaming at the vamps concert the thursday before.

i took a chance making all of those sweaters for the convention and i was very happy with the results. i hope everyone who got to take one home felt the same way. thank you again!