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I love him, I love him, I love him a million times over. What a cutie. This evening not only did his “proper” wig come in from Crobidoll but also a package from Mrs Seijicat from a Tata order she had organized (thank you:D). So now I feel like I can properly take photos of him (sort of< .< The photo above stinks... for a reason). His clothes from Tata are adorable and fit so well. I got him a pair of shorts, some shoes (replacing the strings) and a yukata. The wig on the other hand… I feel that Crobi wigs and I are not meant to be together unless I do some tweaking. This is the second wig purchased from them and I wasn’t too thrilled when it came out of the box. I had to modify it as soon as I put it on him (which I feel shouldn’t be necessary) But I’m satisfied with it for now. Will it be his forever? Don’t know. I really wanted a short wefted mohair wig for him. Until I find the perfect one this will be his.

The sweater is the v-neck I posted the other night. As I said before, I’m so happy with the fit. I’m gong to take some photos of the other collar styles this week. I’ve been knitting away this weekend.

So, I messed up my ankle this evening running for the bus and it wasn’t because of the ice storm we got this morning More»

I’m feeling rather sentimental over this boy today. It was one year ago today that I was sitting at my kitchen table carving away while I was waiting for the cable guy to pick up our cable box, hahaha (one year of no tv, btw). When I read back I sounded so horrible. This head really was an experiment that I really did not intend to use as Hito’s regular head. Yes, “Hitomu”, or “the Drayton” as he was called for the longest time, was around for a while before this guy settled in as my favorite. I don’t know how it happened or why but I try not to question things that bring me happiness or help the creative juices flow. There isn’t a day that goes by that this little man doesn’t inspire some idea or project, be it for the dolls or myself. He reminds me of how much I love this hobby.

For his first year I finished the v-neck for him. It’s hard to tell but I made a slight change since the sneak peek. I frog the collar back and reknit the last row, knitting the two center stitches together to add a little shaping. It shortened the collar a little bit but the pattern allows me to adjust the depth with no problem at all. I’m making another sample for the commission page with some minor changes. I’m using a new color that I haven’t shown off yet called blood… very pretty.

More about the sweater here More»

red sweater

here is the finished red sweater. very pretty, is it not? i love doing these commissions. since i haven’t made solid sweaters with all of the colors in my stash, the commissions allow me to see what kinds these colors create. This is the limited red that i got from my last trip to san francisco. i love this color<3. i just have a tiny bit left. maybe enough to add a stripe in a sweater or maybe to make a dolly scarf. i haven’t figured out what to do with the bits of mohair i have left yet:3

here are more photos of the back and side behind the cut, as well as info of the vamps shirt. More»


this is one of two sweaters for cain (doa) and is the black sweater that i working on earlier in the month. she wanted the wide neck style and i went a little deeper on this one, almost following the cream sweater hito wears. i love this deep scooped neck style. it’s so flattering on the big boys.

i have so many personal projects to finish but one non-doll related commission that has to be done by mid september (not a complaint it’s a fun one). once that is completed i can get rolling on the doll stuff.

sleepy stripes

hito is not really a black and red stripe type of guy. he thinks it a bit too emo for his taste. i still made him try the sweater on for shits and giggles. … very pretty.

the sweater is for a sample i promised someone. it’s the first project that i’ve been able to work on since the con ended. i’m so happy with the results. this one is staying with me. mainly so that i have a reference for later when i go to make others and also for the fact that my boys (especially the one that i was intended for) looks awesome in it.

so while i wait for a response about this sweater, my next sweater is one for the classic style dollshi. one that i’ve been planning to do for a very long time now. that will be a fun one.

in the mean time here are proper photos of the fit and this sweater More»

hito no atarashi seta

um, yeah, i’m keeping this one. but to be fair i did start on this one months ago. i just happened to have stumbled upon it while looking through my mohair yarn stash. i figured that it would have been one less sweater to start but half way through i decided to change the neck line. i started my shaping earlier then usual and i’m so happy with the results… but not with the photos. i put the sweater on hito this evening and loving the fit i threw him again a door and took a few shots. he didn’t even know what had hit him. poor boy. at least looked like a little angle in the process.

sweater finished

just showing off the sweater in it’s finished state. so very soft and in the loveliest shade of gray.
i’ve already started on my next one. this time in gold with a key hole style collar. i’m hoping to try out my new buttons with this one.

hito talk. behind cut in case you’re seriously sick of reading or seeing more of him. More»

hito's new body

i really fought with this one. i thought there would be better bodies out there for him but no matter how much i searched i just couldn’t one. i decided on volk’s sd13 because i figured it was a happy medium. not too young, not too mature. thanks to rosa on doa, i was able to get one.

anyway, it’s here and right after attaching hito’s head “pretty” was the first thing that came to mind. the sd13 boy’s body is a very “pretty” body. it actually suits hito. though i still have to get used to him having shoulder’s. emile’s body had none what so ever. (it’s also heavy but not as heavy as tak’s elfdoll body thankfully).
i’m happy to say i love it. the only thing he needs now a his seems sanded, a full body blushing and a tiny tattoo on the back of his neck. as supportive as the mr is he just doesn’t see hito with a tattoo. hito has his reasons.
i tried a few of the sweaters on him and besides his sweater fitting like a glove the sleeves on a few of them were short so i’m going to add a few rows to the pattern. on the other hand, the wrist warmer’s were a perfect fit. they look nicer on the volk’s hand then the mudoll’s.

btw, the sweater above is the newest one and the first one getting ready for otakon(this photo was taken before it was blocked). i tried a new type of collar this time by shaping it using “bind offs” in specific places while i continued to knit. i like the results.


so i think i finally settled on a hanger design. inspired by some of the vintage hangers my mother has. don’t ask why i’m so obsessed with these lately.
as for the sweater, it’s going to a very patient friend who has waited way too long for me to get this done. it’s for a girl and since i don’t have one in my collection i’m crossing my fingers that it will fit.

hito's new sweater

i can honestly say that i don’t think this sweater could have come out more perfect for this boy. the fit, the color and everything else about it screams hitomu. this was the last of this lovely yarn and i knew i wanted this last little bit for one of my boys. i’m glad it worked so well for hito. i am a happy girl. (btw now i have to buy another d612 boy. the body is too perfect for hito)
i started on another mature mini sweater today. well actually i was able to get all but the weaving in of the ends. thank you snow days.
now all i have to do is photograph the rest of my collection and i hope to have them up on doa this weekend.

speaking of weekend, cait, lauren and i will be taking the train over to the dc meet this weekend. it’s been a long time since i’ve been to teaism. it should be fun.