It has been a while since I’ve posted anything in the doll blog. I’m alive and well. I just had a human sized commission kick me in the butt (and is still doing so). I’m also working on nekocon and doll commissions. I’m realizing that dolls are easier to knit for then humans. oh well.

As for dolls, things have been so so. I’m getting a bit down when I attempt to use my camera. I was warned that people complained that it hated low light conditions but when you’re trying to take a photo of something in a sunny room and the camera says that the conditions are not right then you know that something is not right (I really hate my camera right now).

I’ve also hit this bump in road when it comes to the social doll scene. I’m not going to bore any one with details but I gotten a bit over sensitive to things over time. It’s caused me to spend less time on my own dolls and getting work done (maybe it’s a lame excuse for laziness). But I think I need to just take some time out and enjoy my dolls and not worry about what goes on outside of that. I think I’ll get more done that way.

I have a few sweaters to show off so hopefully I’ll have some photos this week. I’m also hoping to get the ready made shop open this week as well (long over due). I’m still debating on putting them up on etsy or just doa.