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I don’t know why I thought this was so humorous. It started out as something like me being product and turned into something else entirely. Yesterday Miss Seijikat asked if I could do a Volks skin tone comparison and I figured I would drag my two School boys, Daisuke and Akihiro out from their thrones to use as my example (Dai-kun being NS and Aki being WS). It cracks me up how different these boys look despite the fact that they are the same exact sculpt just one having his eyes modded (reason 248 on why I love this hobby). Lazily I just scrunched up Aki’s sweater and removed the arms from the sleeves and Daisuke is doing one of those one sleeve kimono deals as if he was a yakuza grabbing a deck of hanafuda to do a little gambling. Got my shots and did some terrible editing. Then walked away leaving the boys in this position, facing the back of the couch.

Death by cuteness anyone? Besides the seriously adorable Volks uniforms I’ve been going on about everywhere but here, early last week I purchased these two adorable Kuma (bear) hats from etsy artist ParakeetPeach. She was at Doll Fete a few weekends back and I happened to spot them in a few instagram photos from the show (more reasons to love that app). I crossed fingers that she might have a few left over and that she would put them in her shop. Lucky for me she did, only a few days after the show. How cute are they?! I love her cute accessories and clothes. I just want everything that she has in her shop right now!

Now, as for these two silly boys… I think they are attempting the Fusion Dance OAO. Which I will tell is almost, if not absolutely impossible with the Volks YoSD body. In case for some strange reason you are not familiar with the Fusion dance here is a perfect example below:

This is a DBZ thing but in this case it’s some random scene from Zetsubou Sensei.

So it seems that Amubleu will be setting up shop at Otakon again this year. Unfortunately someone blabbed this info to the chibi without checking with me first. Due to over excitement (and too much sugar) the boys decided to pack now for the event. Haru, the more sensible one out of the two decided to pack necessities. Clothes being the case here. Where as Yoshi grabbed anything he could get his hands on… this included the Captain (run Captain!). I think Yoshi takes after me in this situation (no really, if you traveled with me you would know… Kelsey can vouch). Silly boys forgot two very important pieces of information to remember: 1. the convention is months away. We have plenty of time to prepare and 2. We’re local to the con. As much as a disappointment this is to them we will be sleeping at home that weekend. Silly boys…

Tsuyoshi: Haru-kun, you can’t do that. Your playing the game all wrong.
Haru: Tsuyoshi-san, how else is it to be played? Don’t be a sore loser.
Tsuyoshi: I’m not playing any more.

Yoshi has a bit of a temper when it comes to losing even if it’s losing to Haru.

About the flooring… long involved details that may not even interest most… I just like to type so I’ll spare you with a cut… but I’ll be talking about those cute little 360 controllers so skip towards the end to get that in…

Seiji: Owwww… Beau-kun. That really hurt!
Captain: …. so sorry…

And the story continues… More»

Everyone has been waiting for this. Yoshi-kun has been practicing for weeks to roll the katamari ball that Hallow and Miss SeijiKat kindly put together for him. He couldn’t be more excited. When asked how big he planned to roll it, his serious reply was “seventy quadrillion-bajillian kilometers”… (he likes to dream big).

Before he starts his roll he wants to explain his plan of action: More»

There is no doubt that the default outfit for the SWD White Rabbit is just too adorable. I will admit though, that the pants are bit over the top. Never ending frills with a gigantic bunny tail in the back. I never really thought Haru would ever use them since his style is leaning towards the Mori boy look (it does exists… I swear). I had mentioned this particular pair of pants to Mrs Seigikat in a recent LJ reply. She wanted to see them and so she shall….

Though, the model I had chosen was not the most willing

Haru was rather upset when asked to wear the frilly pants. Little gentlemen do not wear ruffled shorts.

Seeing how distraught his friend was after being asked to turn around so that we could witness the gigantic puffball (which he refused to do by the way… “how humiliating” he said) and just recently discovering of his new found love for cosplay, Tsuyoshi agreed to take Haru’s place. More»

Someone was very unhappy with me this afternoon…

Some more awesome photos from the Mr.

Sadly, I don’t think the captain can see it, but Teddy looks like he might be having a bit too much fun at the very top of that stump.

Here is a little omake behind the cut. More»