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Two Yuutas in contrasting sweaters. Actually the little guy on the left is Yuuta’s new friend Kouta.

Kouta is a Magic Boy of Moonlight Yuuta that I picked up at Mandarake. Ebay prices were just insane for this boy but Mandarake sold him for just a hair over his original cost. This was my second time buying from them. Great to deal with and fast. Would purchase from them again in a heart beat.

For the first time last month I used a Japanese shopping service or agent and my order came in today \o/. On Usamaru Furuya blog he had been advertising t-shirts with his own designs that were being made and sold through a site called Tee Party. I wanted so see if I could purchase a few but to my discovery Tee Party does not ship internationally and it states so quite clearly in English on their web site ;A;. So after doing some whining to my doll circle on G+ I received some good advice on where to go. I decided to try Noppin this time around. Their communication was pretty fast (and very pleasant… a lot of “thank you!”‘s :3). Right after I paid for my purchase they made the order and in just a couple of weeks (not even that long to be honest) I was told that my order was ready to be shipped. Very easy… too easy (this was one of my fears). My shirts came today and I love them. They are well made and the printing is clear and sharp (unlike my night time photo above… sorry about that). I would totally use the service again… I know that Unoa boys can be purchased through them when they are available for preorder… but seriously I really should not even think about that just yet-_-… this is what I feared.


Now, I’m not an Apple fan myself, but who is to say that Aki isn’t? I think when it comes to electronics he would be the trendy sort. LiLu on Etsy has been a shop I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while. So many cute little electronic props for the tiny little guys(iphones, laptops and wall clocks). When I saw that they were now making their version of the iphone in 1/3 scale I knew that Aki had to have one. When it came this week it came in it’s own little box (foam and all). It’s so detailed. I think Aki is going to either need a leather case or a knitted one so that he keeps his new phone scratch free.


so same boy, same sweater, same background but new little pin. yeah i don’t usually gush over things like this but come on how cute is this?

apple up close

it’s a tiny vintage apple pin that i bought from earth.spirits on doa. it’s prefect for hito. i think i’ve gone a little crazy over tiny vintage doll sized things lately so when i see things like this i flip out. too cute.


new pants

finally got around to buying hito a new pair of pants. emile’s pair wasn’t cutting it for the boy. i got these from the awesome hitasura. the detail is amazing and totally up hito’s alley.
truth be told though, they are a tad large on the mudoll lpp body. that’s kind of the reason why i decided to go with a little monica body instead. i want hito to wear the clothes i make and buy instead of hoping for a perfect fit.