Mittens #2 Shirokuma mitts in SD13 size.

The idea is totally not mine. They were inspired by a piece knitted by an artist on etsy who does human scale knits (the link to this artist will be coming soon…I have seemed to have lost it). A photo of her piece was spotted on tumblr. My slight obsession to a certain anime and manga told me they needed to be made to doll scale. They turned out cuter than I had expected. I’m not quite sure who will be wearing these but they won’t go to waste.

So I apologize for the random Japanese found on the blog. The Mr and I have been studying Japanese for a few years now. We have a wonderful instructor who has been working with us but I feel like I have hit that stage where I’m stuck and not making much progress. So this year I promised myself that I would try extra hard. So one of the things is to use the language as much as we can everyday even for the little silly things like blog post titles. I’m also in the process of translating the manga shown above with help from Yoko-san (Omg, so challenging!!!).