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Just making a quick doll post before going to bed. If you want to know the finer details of the con this year you may want to check out my amubleu blog posts through out this week.

This was what Aki was wearing for most of the con. All but the pants and the shoes were made my me and for the most part were finished before the con began. The belt still needs a bit of stitching and for those who want to know, the pants are Sadol jeans. The shirt was the only item on him that was for sale at this con. They were a new design for my table and was my first little experiment with bleach. I’m so happy with how they turned out (despite the fact that for a brief moment of bleaching them, I thought they were ruined… they took so long to sew;_;). They went over really well and I only have a couple left over from the con. I also got some fantastic feedback as well as suggestions on trying the same process on the knitted items I make. So I will be doing more with bleach in the future.

The left over shirts will be going up on etsy this week but I figured that I would throw it out to some of my friends that if you want one just leave me a message on lj. I only have two left. They are each $20 plus a few dollars for shipping (I can get an exact cost for you). ON HOLD

If you want to see details of the belt as well as the tail that Aki wore you can check everything out with the link below:

hito in black

Today started out quiet with me treating myself to a pretty awesome breakfast at Spoon, sewing limbs to princes, having a Hell Girl marathon (totally glued to this series… thank you netflix) and weaving in threads on t-shirts. It ended with the Mr treating me to an even more awesome dinner (shime saba….nom nom nom), more Hell Girl, and some way overdue time spent with Hito. Despite the crap-tacular camera I have and the original plan behind the photos (totally changed once I got going) I always seem to fall even more for this boy when I take the time out to photograph him<3. He’s trying on a new design this evening. I wasn’t sure how the neckline was going to turn out but I’m quite happy with it. Black normally isn’t a color he wears. It’s doesn’t seem to suit his personality but he does look quite nice in this outfit. The outfit looks like something Aki would make him wear if they were leaving the house together (Hito would most likely throw on a pair of cropped old man pants, a long sleeved t-shirt or sweater and a pair of geta… just so he wouldn’t have to wear socks-_-). The batch of shirts I’m making for Neko will be bleached out (this fabric bleaches amazingly well). For Hito I’m keeping this one black. It wasn’t the plan but that is how it’s going to be. By the way, the pants are from an Ajumapama set I purchased some time last month. I normally don’t go for sets but I really liked this one and I was able to split the items between Hito and Aki. No items wasted or needing to be sold. I need to photograph the whole thing together at least once since it’s a lovely set. I’m going now. Tomorrow my work week begins and I have a ton to do there and at home to get my butt ready for Neko. So much to do…


I’ve been so obsessed with collars lately. This little etsy blog post threw fuel to the fire the other day and felt that one needed to be made (btw, does anyone read etsy blog post? I love them). I have several ideas running through my head right now, including a beastly little number that involves yarn that looks very much like fur when knitted and some ultra thin faux leather I ordered from Korea. Would my boys wear them? Most likely not, but honestly, do they even have a say? The one above was my first attempt. I liked the raw edges but I plan on using a tighter weave the next time around. This one is shedding like mad.

I’ve been busy working on a few commissions this week. I listed a few items on etsy last week in case anyone is interested. It’s a little experiment. I didn’t list international shipping just yet but feel free to ask me about it.

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vest and vamps

I’m still alive… though I feel like I’ve been reminding people of that quite often on this blog. Still preparing for nekocon. I haven’t hit panic mode but I think it’s because the mr has been a huge help in the preparing stages. I’m going to talk him into helping me silk screen this weekend:P

I made a new vest which hito is modeling, though I really should have put more thought into the photo. it may be hard to see because I’ve realized that my screen on my laptop is pretty light. I always forget this so I can imagine that my photos look very dark to everyone else.
I’m happy with the vest but I know I’m going to have to make some changes. I want to silk screen a panel in the front so I may combine some of the panels. I don’t to lose the shaping but if I have to I’ll add darts (don’t wanna though TAT). I’ll figure it out eventually. I did realize that my steaming and pressing skills need work.

I’m feeling silly this evening so I included my new wall paper in my very dark photo. My old one was a photo of Mizuko. It was an old photo right after I gave him his first face up (a face up only a mother could love and boy did I think he was the cutest thing ever. Still is<3). For now I put up this fun little gem until I replace it. It fits since I joined a Hyde mnm group order… because you know, why have one mnm head when you can two (*cough* or three *cough*). It’s my first time joining a mnm go so I really didn’t know what to expect. Normally I remain low key in any group order I join but this one is hilariously fun. The person running it is just so great and a few have really gotten into the whole thing. Anyway, I can’t until the heads are finished but I know I’ll be bummed when it ends. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.