hito <3

so it’s a day later and i’m so in love with this boy. i can’t put him down. who would have thought he would have turned out so lovely. he’s my odd one in the bunch. my french/japanese boy. i’m working on a bio for him that i hope makes sense. i’m not very good at these things.
i’m hoping to have bio for all of the boys sometime soon. i plan on having a link on the side bar of the blog so that people can access them if they want.

now in other news i found out today that supia doll is no longer using a dealer to sell their dolls internationally. you can now order directly from their site. now why would i, amu, even care about a company that only makes female dolls? well friends, it seems as though i have finally found a girl for my group. a girl! unheard of! crazy! I KNOW! i’ve fallen head over heels for rosy. thanks to sdink‘s tallulah, i found that this girl has some serious potential. besides the lovely asian sculpt and the amazing body i think she would fit in just fine with my crew. plus the idea of knitting clothes for her has me dancing. she would be a fun one to knit for.