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Oh, Supia…. look what you’ve done now. Not only did you sculpt the only female worthy enough to join my “males only” bjd wish list but now you’ve just made one of the loveliest boys I’ve set my eyes on for the first time in a very long time. I knew that checking out that news thread screamed trouble. “Supia”+”boy”=TROUBLE I TELL YOU!!!!!! khakhsdfkahluh!!! I want!!! T_T … right now;A; I actually joined in the discussion on DOA… for a moment (hey that’s a lot for me). Didn’t think he would fit in with any of my other boys… (not like it matters) but someone found a loop-hole *cough* *seijikat* *cough* … trouble maker.

Still working on Merry Mart items. The show is this weekend. Still have lots of thoughts on my plans for next year and projects that will be going on, starting at the end of this year (so soon). All things that will keep me very busy… but a really good kind of busy that will involve me playing with dolls.

Ugh, I’m coming down with a bit of a cold. Taking some zinc and going to bed.

So I have two heads that I would like to have modded. I want to open the eyes on my Drayton Vamp head (that would Drayton#4 in my collection of Drayton2 heads) which I can do myself but I’m having doubts at times. There are not a lot of this sculpt out there and as far as I know MSDoll is not casting any more of these at this moment. I just want to make them more dreamy than completely open (like Hitomu’s eyes). The doubt isn’t whether I can or not but more about if I should… Absolutely silly thoughts because it’s my head and I can do whatever I want with it, grrr…

The second head I want modded is the NS school A head I purchased at Dolpa last year. I would like to close his eyes a little(lovely example who belongs to Channel’s toybox…. love this boy to bits<3<3). This is something I know that I can not do... or least haven't tried and I don't feel comfortable using my School A as an example or test subject. Has any of my lovely doll friends had this type of work done or can they recommend someone? I'm completely lost when it comes to mods like this because it's the first time I've ever thought of having it done. I've sworn off dolls for a while to finish the ones I have(>_>’… right) and these two are one the top of the list (too many floating heads… I really should think about selling some of them).

Silliness with the boys. I found this link on another doll blog (which I can not find for the life of me). I wanted to see how da boyz would look given the dolly treatment. Sadly this site entertained me to no end (though, I think it was “the tired” that was taking over). Can you guess who is who? Some have rarely been seen here on the blog but others seriously stick out. The Mr spotted Hito a mile away but got Mizuko and Seiji mixed up. I was able to get all but 1 of the 9 in there… and yes I’m including teh kitteh (see center bottom). Seeing them like this makes them look like a bad asian boy band. I need to throw a girl in there somewhere. Hopefully the link will entertain someone reading this.

I have animated versions of these guys but I can not figure out how to post them with out making my post and blog look odd. When I figure it out I’ll post them.

hito in black

Today started out quiet with me treating myself to a pretty awesome breakfast at Spoon, sewing limbs to princes, having a Hell Girl marathon (totally glued to this series… thank you netflix) and weaving in threads on t-shirts. It ended with the Mr treating me to an even more awesome dinner (shime saba….nom nom nom), more Hell Girl, and some way overdue time spent with Hito. Despite the crap-tacular camera I have and the original plan behind the photos (totally changed once I got going) I always seem to fall even more for this boy when I take the time out to photograph him<3. He’s trying on a new design this evening. I wasn’t sure how the neckline was going to turn out but I’m quite happy with it. Black normally isn’t a color he wears. It’s doesn’t seem to suit his personality but he does look quite nice in this outfit. The outfit looks like something Aki would make him wear if they were leaving the house together (Hito would most likely throw on a pair of cropped old man pants, a long sleeved t-shirt or sweater and a pair of geta… just so he wouldn’t have to wear socks-_-). The batch of shirts I’m making for Neko will be bleached out (this fabric bleaches amazingly well). For Hito I’m keeping this one black. It wasn’t the plan but that is how it’s going to be. By the way, the pants are from an Ajumapama set I purchased some time last month. I normally don’t go for sets but I really liked this one and I was able to split the items between Hito and Aki. No items wasted or needing to be sold. I need to photograph the whole thing together at least once since it’s a lovely set. I’m going now. Tomorrow my work week begins and I have a ton to do there and at home to get my butt ready for Neko. So much to do…


I’ve been so obsessed with collars lately. This little etsy blog post threw fuel to the fire the other day and felt that one needed to be made (btw, does anyone read etsy blog post? I love them). I have several ideas running through my head right now, including a beastly little number that involves yarn that looks very much like fur when knitted and some ultra thin faux leather I ordered from Korea. Would my boys wear them? Most likely not, but honestly, do they even have a say? The one above was my first attempt. I liked the raw edges but I plan on using a tighter weave the next time around. This one is shedding like mad.

I’ve been busy working on a few commissions this week. I listed a few items on etsy last week in case anyone is interested. It’s a little experiment. I didn’t list international shipping just yet but feel free to ask me about it.

the rest if my week More»


Starting this week I’m going to try and post a doll photo every monday. I can post on other days as well but monday is a must… I hope at least.

I can not wait for Hito’s eyes to come in from Mystic (I’m not happy with the eyes he’s currently using). The GO leader for the order said that the package was sent back due to the fact that her phone number wasn’t on the package lableO_o. I’m thinking they should be here this week or next. It’s been several months since the order was sent in.

Trying to figure out what little goodies to give out with commission. I love getting little gifts when I buy handmade goodies. I know I’m not the only (besides I am such a theme and package whore… it’s true and I’m not ashamed to admit it). I’ve decided on going with these little acorns that I’ve been hand turning at the shop. They are obviously too large to be worn by dolls but it’s a nice charm for the doll owners.

This week’s projects:
puki hat info (this has been the hardest thing ever to put together)
yo sized Totoro hat
Vamps t’s
katsu sweaters
puki and dollshi sized sweater patterns

Most likely way too much for one person to do but I honestly don’t have a lot of time left for the con.

I finally found a pics of the Vamp’s Hellween Live costumes… well two out of three. I’m still waiting to see the Peter Burns costume so I will continue my search… These guys crack me up. hahaha…


or at least it felt like it.

Every job I touched this week had some type of mini disaster. The big one that needed to be finished was but not with out the help of the entire shop. Only one job on my list was completed. I had five that needed to go out TAT.

Anyway, enough of the whining. I’ve been neglecting the doll blog since crunch time started for the merry mart.

The mr, Lauren and I will be going up to dc tomorrow for the doll meet at teaism tomorrow. I’m very excited. It will be a much deserved break. I was struggling over what to change Hito into but I think he’s going to stay in the outfit that he wore to the merry mart (though he still can’t sit in those Sadol jeans of his. they may need a bit more stretching or he’ll be standing the whole time).

I need sleep so I’m going to bed.

For Lj buddies…: is anyone having issues receiving email notices when they receive messages? I’m not getting mine at all. I only log on to Lj after I get emails stating that I have a comment waiting. Even though I’ve been using it for years (under amubleu and another name) I really don’t customize my account nor use all of the features it offers(though I do have a paid account now). I’m wondering if I changed a setting or something. I tried to look myself but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

The merry mart is over and I’m a semi-free woman (I still have a ton of holiday knitting to still do on top of jobs that have to be finished). We’re going to dc this saturday for the teaism meet. I’m very excited. Still trying to figure out who to bring. Most likely Hito… not sure of there will be a second one for not.

The week after if the Baltidoll holiday meet at Koba. I have a bit to prepare for. I think this has to be the busiest December ever;_;…

Feeling rather ho hum this week. Hearing about the new katsucon artist alley rules has not helped at all. Just when I was feeling hopeful about that convention again it just turned out to be the same old stuff.

Now buying this sadol jacket would help for a few minutes… maybe a day. I have no idea who would wear it but I would find someone who would. If only they made that in my size…-_-