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The slow start to the neemo’s room. Miss Seijikat sent the Neemos a huset from Ikea this week. It’s a cute little set that comes with a couch, shelf, chair and table. Even though all of the pieces are adorable, I have to say that the shelf is my favorite thing in the set. After giving it to the boys, Yuuta and Kouta had no trouble fill it up at all. I’m excited to get a room put together for them.

Bring the doll community together, the lovely Littlebearries over at Majokko shop has start a new monthly photo challenge called the Adventurer’s Club. Each month she’ll be announcing a theme and it’s everyone’s job to take that theme and photograph their interpretation of it. All dolls are welcome and anyone can participate. This months theme was “weather”. I decided to make this both my weekly challenge as well as Majokko Shop’s monthly.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first. We had gotten a bit of snow in Baltimore but by the time I found out about the challenge most of it was solid ice (plus the neemo’s lack pants… And them running around in the snow in just shorts looks painful). So I went with the idea “what would Yuuta and Kouta do if they were stuck inside on a cold winter evening?!”. Why, spend some quality time relaxing under the kotatsu of course. (It’s a mini story… I could not decide on just one photo!)