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Messing with another new app. This one is called PhotoShake. Very silly but fun. This little collection of photos are my nine favorite of the chibi that I took and posted on Instagram(explains the craptacular quality… Instagram does that to photos). So funny these two are. I was thinking of maybe getting a third boy (a Mamu boy would be a cute idea) or… dare say… wait for it… get a girl to start a little trouble (hahaha, not happening anytime soon). But looking at these photos I’m happy with these two silly boys.

-Purchased this coat this morning. This is the first time I ever fought through a Volks after event (or whatever it’s called) for an outfit but I almost bought it back in April on Ebay for Hito. It was going for $90+ at the time. Seeing it only go for $28 I figured I would give it a try. Ahhh!!! That web site was just crazy when the sale went up. Quite a few items sold out quickly but mostly the DDs outfits. Luckily the coat was not one of them and Hito now has outer wear (a scarf and hat will be made for him soon after it’s arrival… not like I need to be thinking coats right now).

-TMI: I have a slight sore throat the last several days. I can’t decide if its sinus or a cold coming on. It’s going to be hot next week so I’m really hoping it’s not the later (╬ ಠ益ಠ). Summer colds are the worse. Also I have a mini meet with Lauren and Leigh… don’t want to be sick for that. (again with the (╬ ಠ益ಠ))

Death by cuteness anyone? Besides the seriously adorable Volks uniforms I’ve been going on about everywhere but here, early last week I purchased these two adorable Kuma (bear) hats from etsy artist ParakeetPeach. She was at Doll Fete a few weekends back and I happened to spot them in a few instagram photos from the show (more reasons to love that app). I crossed fingers that she might have a few left over and that she would put them in her shop. Lucky for me she did, only a few days after the show. How cute are they?! I love her cute accessories and clothes. I just want everything that she has in her shop right now!

Now, as for these two silly boys… I think they are attempting the Fusion Dance OAO. Which I will tell is almost, if not absolutely impossible with the Volks YoSD body. In case for some strange reason you are not familiar with the Fusion dance here is a perfect example below:

This is a DBZ thing but in this case it’s some random scene from Zetsubou Sensei.

Another awesome photo from the Mr.

This evening I received my order from TTYA’s etsy store. It was just a small order (one item) and a cute one at that. I had been eying up these overalls for some time now. They are so well made and detailed. She has tiny tags and snaps all to scale with her logo on them. So CUTE!!! Yoshi-kun looks absolutely adorable in he new outfit and outrageously orange shoes (another recent purchase). Now I just have to make him some t-shirts.

If you look closely you’ll see that he has a couple of friends with him. Two tiny teddies that I made recently. He’s not parting with the little one in his pocket but the other he’s giving to a little friend he hasn’t had a chance to meet yet. The one he’s gifting has some lavender in his belly and smells so nice when it’s hugged. It’s to keep their sweaters smelling pretty and to keep them safe from those little guys that like to munch on wool. Tsuyoshi is just a considerate little guy.

Well, I’m back from the Maryland sheep and wool festival. …I am so exhausted. As soon as I get some energy I’ll be making my festival post on the semi daily. I thought in the mean time I would just kind of update the dolly blog with related doll topics.

This was my very first time at the festival. I had only dreamed about going for about ten years. Such a different environment compared to the conventions and other show I’ve gone to. We noted that even though the festival was huge… bigger than say Otakon, no one carried around walkie-talkies (sp?). I’ve never seen this at any show before. So laid back and relaxed. I did get to see one local doll collector this weekend. Ann (thanate) and her friend Ruth stopped by to say hello, looking very relaxed and very summery (I wore jeans the first day… a very stupid idea). I hope you ladies had a fun time.

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smexy jeans

A good little model received a few new pairs of jeans in the mail today. Instead of working on merry mart goodies, my time was spent getting his little resin tush into them. They are so tight he can’t sit but he looks so good.

sweet kimono

This is one of the lovely doll items I picked up at Nekocon this past weekend. Tiffany of leveldevil was in the artist alley selling her lovely doll clothing. I had purchased a wig from her this past otakon and was so happy to see her this time around. She had this lovely kimono on display and when I saw the quality and what she was asking for it I had to get it for one of my boys. It’s completely lined and it looks to be hand stitched which is how classic human sized kimono are made (some know how crazy I am about details like that). It fits Hito so nicely. I usually have issues with the length. It’s longer since I think it maybe made more for a long leg volks (I will have to ask. Hito in on a normal leg body, btw) but it’s perfect.

here are a few more pictures of my lazy boy