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Some more awesome photos from the Mr.

Sadly, I don’t think the captain can see it, but Teddy looks like he might be having a bit too much fun at the very top of that stump.

Here is a little omake behind the cut. More»

kotatsu time

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Mine was lovely… and lazy. It seems that the Captain is having the same kind of break. Though, I will say that it’s well deserved. He works so hard for most of the year and yet he gets so little thanks let alone a break. Where my big boys have been getting new clothes here and there (spoiled I tell ya) he hasn’t received a single piece of new clothing in almost two years. I figured this year I would make a couple of things to expand the oh-so-roomy wardrobe that the Captain currently has.


You didn’t think he got all those hats for just modeling alone, did you? There is plenty more where that came from, Captain. Keep at it!

cliche, no?
so cliche, no?

the mr, tofucat, deityofdeath and i met up with Hominivorax and _mouse_ early yesterday morning to head over to dc for the cherry blossom festival. i was lugging two sd sized boys and my mnf. it was tough at first but wasn’t so bad a bit later(honestly, i think the shoulder becomes numb after the first 30 minutes and then your good to go :P).
after a good but windy lunch and a little shopping we met up with several collectors in front of the freer museum for the cherry blossom festival meet. after we gathered we soon moved over to the gardens where everyone talked, took photos and admired each other’s dolls.
we had luckily ran into kittymaru and her friend cheshiretiffy before the meet began. they both brought their lovely machina’s. before this meet i had only seen one in person and i’m still in awe when it come to these girls. they are just amazing. these two especially, since there was so much work put into making them so unique. i’m trying to convince the mr that he needs one. i was able to talk him into thinking he needed a puki. i know i can do the same for a machina. mwahahaha……

the meet was really nice and it was good to see familiar faces as well as new ones. i talked so much that when i got home my voice was pretty much gone.

btw, here are a few more photos

tag your it

yeah by the title you just know that this is going to be an exciting doll post.

for shits and giggles i sewed some of my new tags onto my puki hats. they totally work and are so cute. mallory got her hat today. both she and dark_skada (on lj) both said some lovely things about my hats are were very encouraging. thank you ladies!

my sister cait received her elfdoll hazy. i can not wait to see her. she’s commissioned me to do her face up so we’ll see how that goes. i’ll get to play with her for a bit.
i still have katie’s jury07 to paint up as well. i would like to have it done before this weekend. there are only few chances for us to hang out so i would hate to see her wait forever. it’s going to be a busy week.

by the way the boxes came in:

romantic hito

so as much as i love this boy i just could get over those blue eyes. i decided today to give a few others a try. sadly my olive uk glass eyes from a group order haven’t come in yet so i had to throw in some glibs. what a difference. he looks so much warmer. the blue eyes made him looks so cold before and it clashed with his face up and warm look. these are staying until the new eyes come in.

in crafty news, i made some new labels today. a smaller version of the tags i use on my sweaters. i had so much fun making mallory’s puki hat that i could stop making more (this time for the captain). since they follow a lot of my amigurumi designs the possibilities are endless. i’m thinking of adding these to my knit collection so look out for them soon. and with lovely tiny tags on each and everyone.
i’m aiming for the first week of april to open my sales thread. so look for it soon. the last thing i was waiting for was packaging and my boxes should be here tomorrow. yay!


after finishing up mallory’s space cap i decided to give another design a go. to cute, right? you should see it when it’s on. sadly i had to skip it tonight. my camera is poo in low light(as you can already tell with the lovely photo above.
anyway, these guys are just too cute to make. i have a whole list of ideas to try. i may have a small collection for some of the shows coming up.

puki hat

this is a little custom hat i’m making for mallory. is it not hilarious? oh so tiny.
she wants antennae on the top with a chin strap underneath. i should have it finished this weekend.
i’m also planning to make a few more in different styles. even though the captain is a bit more conservative in style, pukis are so fun to knit and crochet for.

here is another side view. the captain looks as though to ask “get it off! get it of!”
get it off! get it off!