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Daisuke setting up the cards to play a leisurely evening game with Mr Z. Mr Z is about to lose a lot of money… This is something he is quite familiar with.

An order from Tata that I placed, um… well over a month ago (the week after Ota to be exact) finally came in. Daisuke and Mr Z (…who isn’t even here yet) have new yukata and a set of hanafuda cards.

That auction I mentioned a post ago ends tomorrow while I’m at the farmers market (thank goodness for smart phones). So far so good, though I don’t think that will last.

Tsuyoshi: Haru-kun, you can’t do that. Your playing the game all wrong.
Haru: Tsuyoshi-san, how else is it to be played? Don’t be a sore loser.
Tsuyoshi: I’m not playing any more.

Yoshi has a bit of a temper when it comes to losing even if it’s losing to Haru.

About the flooring… long involved details that may not even interest most… I just like to type so I’ll spare you with a cut… but I’ll be talking about those cute little 360 controllers so skip towards the end to get that in…

Well it seems that the boys will be ready to celebrate New Years. Thanks to Kelly at egyptianruin or Kelly’s Keychains I got these seriously cute New Years mochi.

I met Kelly when we were at Nekocon this year. Both of our booths were in the fiber/3d art section of the artist alley. At the con we did this great little trade that caused me to make two custom orders with her since then. This one is the second. The first are going to be holiday gifts that I can’t quite show off but they are for amu’s little elves that have been helping out at the conventions and shows..

Anyway, she’s been talking about adding dolly props to her shop and I told her to do it!! I’m really picky about my props and her items are super detailed for such a tiny scale. Even though I have the Captain photographed with the mochi, I’m thinking these will be more for the mini dudes: Mizu-poo and Shou. Hmmm…. now I’m going to have to put together a little New Year’s photo shoot.