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i’m up way too late looking at doll photos. i haven’t posted in my daily yet:(

today we took photos for the commission page. mainly just collar styles and a few sweaters i finished after the con that will be up for sale shortly as well. i set the boys up while the mr photographed them. while hito was waiting his turn the mr sneaked this one in.
the mr really knows how to win a girl’s heart by taking photos like these. hito looks so soft and fragile in this photo. i would have never been able to get it myself. the mr takes amazing photos. i don’t tell him enough and i should. i’m a lucky girl.


this post is pretty much pointless other then to post a few pictures. while the mr was out this afternoon i was working on an experiment (like i have time to work on one right now, but anyway). i brought hito down to keep me and chan company. though chan could have done without hito. he’s not a fan of the dolls.
while taking photos of a quilt i received for the daily blog somehow hito snuck into the photos. the lighting wasn’t perfect but it was pretty and i liked how some of them turned out. this is just a mix of a few that i took. far from exciting but once i put together a few prop i can take some photos that may (or may not) make more sense.

i’m a fan of deep v neck shirts at the moment. well it’s been longer then a moment. the boys wear them quite a bit. now that hito has this new body he may be wearing them more often.
poor boy still needs a good sanding a blushing though. we’ll see what i have time for this week.

night time knitting

there is something to say about cute boys that knit… or at least try to. poor hito. he’s having a bit of a rough first time but you wouldn’t know it. he’s still calm and cool. i think he’ll figure it out some day.
this was the only photo i took last night. with the heat and things just not working the way i wanted them to, i just gave up after one shot. i really need to think the photos out and take my time. i’m always expecting things to work out at the very first try. it doesn’t always happen that way.

well msdoll delivered early and the new devil drayton is up on ndoll. i’m seriously tempted. as tame and “normal” as my large boys seem i wouldn’t mind having a little dramatic devil lounging about. i would be tempted to open his eyes ever so slightly, but we’ll see. i would have to get my hands on him first.
btw, searching around the ndoll site i saw this another space outfit that i’ve been eyeing up for a while now. i really want the vest for hyde and the pants for hito i think… or tak. either way, i want it. i’m not sure what i would do with the rest of it.

oh one more thing, the lovely mallory (_mouse_ on doa) started up a forum of sorts for the baltimore bjd group. if your in the baltimore group and haven’t joined do so when you get the chance. there is even a section for our favorite socialite vivian von vanderbelt. what more can you ask for?

hito's new eyes

hito’s lovely olive green eyes came in today and i couldn’t be more excited. they are 14mm uk glass that were purchased though a pupapa paradise group order that alissa put together. how lovely are they? i’ve been going through this olive green kick for a while now and always wanted one of my boys to have eyes this color. now i do and they are just perfect for him.

anyway here are some pictures of the eyes in action More»

what a cutie

yes, i don’t know how but i managed to get him to stand on his own with one leg bent.

the mr and i took a little walk over to the park early yesterday morning to see if we could get some good doll photos in. the ones i managed to get were really cute but there really wasn’t much to take photos of. as the mr said “there are only so many ‘dolls in tree hole’ pictures you can take”.
btw, this is the most “boy” like mizuko has ever look. if that makes sense. i had him wear shou’s maroon henley shirt for the first time. usually the boy is pasteled out like crazy which usually makes his blushed out face stand out (doesn’t help matters at all in most cases). he was really cute in these photos.

btw, hyde has a new wig. happy days!
if you want to check out some more, i posted the rest on doa… they are a bit boring though.