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Little Robin and her incredibly sweet owner stopped by my table on friday. She is wearing her new scoop neck sweater in Vermillion and looking wonderful. She took some time out of her busy convention schedule to talk to the Haru and Yoshi. Though honestly, I think Haru did most of the talking…. he always does.

So Otakon was this past weekend and what a wonderful time we had. I need to give a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table. I saw so many familiar faces and met quite a few new ones. It was so great talking with everyone and even having a few rare moments hanging out with friends I rarely see. I think by sunday my voice was almost completely gone.

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So it seems that Amubleu will be setting up shop at Otakon again this year. Unfortunately someone blabbed this info to the chibi without checking with me first. Due to over excitement (and too much sugar) the boys decided to pack now for the event. Haru, the more sensible one out of the two decided to pack necessities. Clothes being the case here. Where as Yoshi grabbed anything he could get his hands on… this included the Captain (run Captain!). I think Yoshi takes after me in this situation (no really, if you traveled with me you would know… Kelsey can vouch). Silly boys forgot two very important pieces of information to remember: 1. the convention is months away. We have plenty of time to prepare and 2. We’re local to the con. As much as a disappointment this is to them we will be sleeping at home that weekend. Silly boys…

My new tiny care cards came in today and I love them. The Mr outdid himself this time. The font and arrangement of everything is perfect. These will be given out with the tiny items(puki and YO-sized). On the back there is my info as well as how to care for your woolen and mohair goodiesX3. I still have so much to do but I have been on a knitting roll this weekend (commission on top of merch for Otakon). At work I’m making a new batch of hangers.

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