I’m feeling rather sentimental over this boy today. It was one year ago today that I was sitting at my kitchen table carving away while I was waiting for the cable guy to pick up our cable box, hahaha (one year of no tv, btw). When I read back I sounded so horrible. This head really was an experiment that I really did not intend to use as Hito’s regular head. Yes, “Hitomu”, or “the Drayton” as he was called for the longest time, was around for a while before this guy settled in as my favorite. I don’t know how it happened or why but I try not to question things that bring me happiness or help the creative juices flow. There isn’t a day that goes by that this little man doesn’t inspire some idea or project, be it for the dolls or myself. He reminds me of how much I love this hobby.

For his first year I finished the v-neck for him. It’s hard to tell but I made a slight change since the sneak peek. I frog the collar back and reknit the last row, knitting the two center stitches together to add a little shaping. It shortened the collar a little bit but the pattern allows me to adjust the depth with no problem at all. I’m making another sample for the commission page with some minor changes. I’m using a new color that I haven’t shown off yet called blood… very pretty.

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