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I know I said that I had no doll plans for this year… yet, twice (here and here) in a short amount of time Channel TOYBOX has reminded me that I need a modded NS School A or a NS SWD School A to go with the School A I got at Dolpa (you know, the one I was going to sell to recoup some of the money spent on Aki… but didn’t).

By the way, her site also reminds me that I really want one of those gorgeous shirts of hers. So pretty… And I need to build a good collection on short haired wigs, preferably mohair. That or learn to make my own wefts with all that wool I’ve been buying. Going to her site daily has to stop. The list of dolly needs is getting longer and longer with each visit.

Silliness with the boys. I found this link on another doll blog (which I can not find for the life of me). I wanted to see how da boyz would look given the dolly treatment. Sadly this site entertained me to no end (though, I think it was “the tired” that was taking over). Can you guess who is who? Some have rarely been seen here on the blog but others seriously stick out. The Mr spotted Hito a mile away but got Mizuko and Seiji mixed up. I was able to get all but 1 of the 9 in there… and yes I’m including teh kitteh (see center bottom). Seeing them like this makes them look like a bad asian boy band. I need to throw a girl in there somewhere. Hopefully the link will entertain someone reading this.

I have animated versions of these guys but I can not figure out how to post them with out making my post and blog look odd. When I figure it out I’ll post them.


I’ve been so obsessed with collars lately. This little etsy blog post threw fuel to the fire the other day and felt that one needed to be made (btw, does anyone read etsy blog post? I love them). I have several ideas running through my head right now, including a beastly little number that involves yarn that looks very much like fur when knitted and some ultra thin faux leather I ordered from Korea. Would my boys wear them? Most likely not, but honestly, do they even have a say? The one above was my first attempt. I liked the raw edges but I plan on using a tighter weave the next time around. This one is shedding like mad.

I’ve been busy working on a few commissions this week. I listed a few items on etsy last week in case anyone is interested. It’s a little experiment. I didn’t list international shipping just yet but feel free to ask me about it.

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I’m playing with honey locust thorns this evening. Nasty little buggers.

The Vamps announced that there will be a new album this summer and a world tour this fall. I just thought you would want to know;P

Btw, I received an email today about doing a gallery show at a local gallery.


this post is pretty much pointless other then to post a few pictures. while the mr was out this afternoon i was working on an experiment (like i have time to work on one right now, but anyway). i brought hito down to keep me and chan company. though chan could have done without hito. he’s not a fan of the dolls.
while taking photos of a quilt i received for the daily blog somehow hito snuck into the photos. the lighting wasn’t perfect but it was pretty and i liked how some of them turned out. this is just a mix of a few that i took. far from exciting but once i put together a few prop i can take some photos that may (or may not) make more sense.

i’m a fan of deep v neck shirts at the moment. well it’s been longer then a moment. the boys wear them quite a bit. now that hito has this new body he may be wearing them more often.
poor boy still needs a good sanding a blushing though. we’ll see what i have time for this week.