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sorry for the doll blog being so slow. other things took over this week that has me pulled away from the dollies.
msdoll vamp. tba
btw, pictures from msdoll.
how lovely is he? msdoll gave a sneak peak of a new doll this morning. it looks be like a vamp version of the drayton 2. the blue/grey skin tone is rather lovely. i can only imagine that the doll will be sold as whole. msdoll will be showing more this thursday. i can not wait.

i’ll try to be a good dolly blogger this week. i have a convention to prep for next month but i’ll sneak sometime in with the boys. we all need it T_T

migidoll owen

migidoll has done it again. from the end of feb to mid march she is releasing a new sculpt named owen. so far i only have a ryu but i can totally see myself adding this new boy to the collection as well. i love his profile. his nose is just beautiful.
she has another one lined up as well named yuri but so far no pictures have been taken.
ugh… just when i told myself no more floating heads for the next six months.

so-nyeon-gi yujin

now i don’t know very much about so-nyeon-gi but her dolls are beautiful and her photography is amazing. her earlier sculpts are a soft and child like but her most recent ones have been a bit more mature. so-nyeon-gi’s last sculpt, ryun, caught my attention but since it was right after the msdoll drayton2 release and during the holiday season i sadly had to pass. all of her sculpts so far have been limited but i’m hoping for a re-release sometime in the future.
for now i’ll keep my eyes open for yujin. the photos don’t reveal a whole lot but from what i can see he almost looks like a dreaming version of ryun. i can’t wait for more photos.
it also seems that she will be releasing a photo book as well. i’m crossing my fingers that this will be available in the us.

*photos from this post are not mine but from migidoll and so-nyson-gi