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I hate coming up with post titles sometimes.
Daisuke in a new kimono and haori (I’m slowly losing count on how many he has now). I purchased it off of ebay from a seller and artist that turned out to be from MD. Won the auction on saturday and got it on tuesday!
I really wanted it for the haori. It looked lovely in the auction pictures. The rest of the set looked a bit too purple at the time and maybe too feminine for what I wanted for him but handmade… local. I’m sold. When I got it I just fell in love with the entire set. It’s so gorgeous and it’s perfect on Daisuke’s lanky SDgr body. He will be wearing this set quite often.

I am far from a pro photographer… as you can see. But I was having some silly fun with some new phone apps this evening. I took the photo using TtV Camera then adjusted it using filters from PixIromatic. I later went back and touched it up one last time with Instagram (the results of that last touch up… Too much?). Just having fun. I wanted to see what type of vintage photos I could create using the camera phone. I think the style of this one may be a bit too early but I’m going to mess around some more with the millions of filter combos available between the several apps.

So the lovely Mr Head is here and I love him to pieces. Jamie of Lightlybattered did an amazing job. He looks as though he was sculpted this way and not modded. The mod work is smooth and flawless and the face up is gorgeous. I love the shape of his eye. For my first experience with sending a head out to be modded and painted, I would say it was so worth the time and money and I see no problem doing it again. Love him<3

So I got images of Mr Head the other day and I’m just too happy!! If you are wondering gabriel (doa) of lightlybattered modded this lovely boy for me. What a beautiful job she did! This is my first time ever sending a head out to be modded or even given a face up. Up until now if any of my boys needed painting I had done the job myself. But in this particular situation I wanted to have his eyes closed. This would entail the use of epoxy and airbrushing to blend. Two things that I had either never done or don’t trust myself to do. Miss Seijikat had recommended Jamie after having Natsuki’s face up done by her last year (talk about gorgeous). The mods themselves are so smooth and clean and the face up is amazing. So happy with the beautiful work Jamie had done and I can’t wait to get the head to put the rest of him together.

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