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human and his guardian kappa

“Hitomu and his little kappa guardian, Mizuko walking to the festival”
This photo was taken by the Mr

We had such a lovely time at the festival yesterday. Very early in the morning, the Mr, Katie (deityofdeath) and I met up with my sister Cait and her friend Andi at the train station and took a little ride up to DC for their annual Cherry Blossom Street Matsuri. This year I only took Hito and Mizu-poo but dressed them up in their best little festival yukata. Hito wore his leveldevil Yukata, made by Muffin and Mizuko wore a girls yukata that I purchased one year at Dollectable. Yes, he is wearing a girls yukata. I’m not explaining why just yet. I need to make him another that is better fitting and that needs to be a bit worn and aged looking. Once it’s made, then I’ll explain. I did make sure to have him wear a boy’s style obi which I plan on keeping.

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the mr took these photos.

mizuko doesn’t get as much attention as another boy i know. i did get this lovely kanzashi for him (even though it’s more suitable for a girl). he and his kimono have a history together and he’s not giving it up anytime in the future. no matter how much teasing he goes through when he wears it. i think he’s adorable.

the kanzashi is made by Kaede-chan on doa. she shared an artist booth and had all of her lovely doll clothes and kanzashi, doll sized and human. just one of the few purchases i made this weekend at otakon. there were so many amazing dolls at the con this year as well as doll craft people. i get to my purchases later this week.

i would post more tonight but the craziness that was all of last week finally caught up to me and i just haven’t had the time and energy to go through the few photos i took. this week though. i got some great photo of kiddies in my sweaters<3.


also known as mizu-chan and mizu-poo. this little man hasn’t bee showing his face on the doll blog that much(hito has been hogging the attention lately). i thought i would take a break from crocheting to play with him for a bit.
he’s the baby of the group. everyone pretty much does what this little kappa desires but only because they want to, not because he asks. this little water imp is a bit on the naive and curious side. he wants desperately to be liked by everyone and to be treated as a human.

what a cutie

yes, i don’t know how but i managed to get him to stand on his own with one leg bent.

the mr and i took a little walk over to the park early yesterday morning to see if we could get some good doll photos in. the ones i managed to get were really cute but there really wasn’t much to take photos of. as the mr said “there are only so many ‘dolls in tree hole’ pictures you can take”.
btw, this is the most “boy” like mizuko has ever look. if that makes sense. i had him wear shou’s maroon henley shirt for the first time. usually the boy is pasteled out like crazy which usually makes his blushed out face stand out (doesn’t help matters at all in most cases). he was really cute in these photos.

btw, hyde has a new wig. happy days!
if you want to check out some more, i posted the rest on doa… they are a bit boring though.