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tag your it

yeah by the title you just know that this is going to be an exciting doll post.

for shits and giggles i sewed some of my new tags onto my puki hats. they totally work and are so cute. mallory got her hat today. both she and dark_skada (on lj) both said some lovely things about my hats are were very encouraging. thank you ladies!

my sister cait received her elfdoll hazy. i can not wait to see her. she’s commissioned me to do her face up so we’ll see how that goes. i’ll get to play with her for a bit.
i still have katie’s jury07 to paint up as well. i would like to have it done before this weekend. there are only few chances for us to hang out so i would hate to see her wait forever. it’s going to be a busy week.

by the way the boxes came in:


so i think i finally settled on a hanger design. inspired by some of the vintage hangers my mother has. don’t ask why i’m so obsessed with these lately.
as for the sweater, it’s going to a very patient friend who has waited way too long for me to get this done. it’s for a girl and since i don’t have one in my collection i’m crossing my fingers that it will fit.

testing.... testing

the mr grabbed my camera this evening to test it’s “depth of field (i hope thats right)” out using takumi as his test subject. i spotted these photos an desided to put them up. tak looks so serious in these.
i also like how una, in the background, seems to grow as the photos were taken.

double posting from the amu blog behind cut to spare lj friends the double vision

shiny new cards

today i received my new cards for my doll knits. i’m very excited because they are so very lovely.

i have a busy day tomorrow. so much to do and the boys are far from ready… well except hitomu (the drayton… still fooling around with the name). all must be cleaned up and packed. i’m not looking forward to the end of the day. i have a feeling it’s going to end a lot later then i hope.