work in progress

no doll pics tonight. sorry about that. instead you get a peek at a commission i’m finishing up and my tiny pin cushion that seems to be terribly over loaded at the moment.

the two sweaters above just need to have their ends woven in. after that, they’ll have a good washing and blocking, then i’ll have hito model them. the red and black you’ve seen before but the solid black is somewhat new. at least with this collar style. it has the shaped neckline. i think that is my favorite of the all three neckline styles. i can not wait to see how it looks in black.

i finally up loaded photos of my yarn swatches for the commission page on doa. i didn’t realize i had so many colors. i also just realized that i need to restock several if i want to make some for nekocon-_-.

one more thing before i go… oh, swd school a, how i love thee

again, another lovely from robin’s egg. it was never really a favorite sculpt of mine but when i see it modded like this i just can not help but go back and look (and weep TAT… so pretty). there is a modded swd school a on the market place now that resembles this one so much. i’m so very tempted but i just can’t justify it(they want a lot for it… and rightfully so. it is beautiful). i’m also very tempted to get an unmodded one and try to mod it myself. i have no issue with the eyes but i’m not sure how i would go about modding the mouth. oh well, someday i suppose.