I made my New Years resolutions over at Amubleu the other night but I didn’t post any doll related ones. 2010 I added three new guys to my group, including the little guy above. I was able to go to Dolpa and had an amazing time. The conventions I went to were great as well this year. I even hosted not just one but two doll related panels this year.

This year I don’t plan on adding anyone to my group but I do have a few ideas. Last year I promised myself to actually enjoy my guys. Photograph them more, make them clothes and props but that didn’t really happen. So it’s back on the list this year. I’m hoping that my little blog plans will help that but at the moment I’m finding it a bit challenging… and it’s only the third day of the year;_;. I want to work on building a “place” just for the boys. It will involve me having make props and such but I think I’m up to it. Sculpting is last thing on the list. I have several projects started and I would like to have some of them finished by the end of the year. Honestly, I feel like I want to do everything sometimes and maybe I do.

By the way, after so much thought and searching I think the little guys name is Tsuyoshi. I thought it was a bit too old for him and maybe not cute enough but I can’t seem to get past it. The Mr likes it (I just think it’s because I would be calling him Yoshi or Yoshi-kun for short). I changed his eyes by the way, and what an improvement (also what a pain… damn hot glue). The smaller glass eyes give him a more realistic looks. Right now I think he look distracted, hahaha.