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I’m updating this here this evening due to some issue… which I will get into in a moment. Last night I had made a post on the daily blog about picking Hito’s “owl” sweater up again. The post is gone from the main site but can still be seen here. Anyway, after work and before going any further I decided to squeeze Hito into the sweater. So far so good. I’m really happy with how it’s finishing. I had mentioned not looking forward to the short rows. Mainly for the fact I was under the impression that they were more for decreasing than shaping but it’s the opposite(I really need to read directions before I start these things). It’s really to raise the neckline up… so… since this style is a bit more feminine than I wanted I’m skipping the short rows and going for more of a scooped or relaxed style neckline. If it was for me or for a female doll I would normally go for it. Instead I’m going to go right into the ribbing and hope for the best. I’m going to mark this last row before starting in case I change my mind.

So was a bit buggy last night. The Mr did a great job fixing the problems but by accident deleted the last post (it’s still on LJ so I am totally fine with that… and he saved well over 800+ old posts). Towards the end of the month the Mr is going to move all of the web sites over to GoDaddy. This site wont be affected but and my email will. So before he starts anything I’ll be sure to contact people with my gmail and or aol addresses. In the end it will all be worth it and I know that the Mr will do an awesome job. I would be totally clueless and helpless with out him when it comes to web stuff. I am terribly grateful.

I love winter but when it gets as cold as it is this evening it just wipes me out.

So no doll meet for me this weekend. I’m keeping things as simple as I can so that I’m not moving around too much. I’m doing loads better. To make up for the loss of hanging out with doll folk tomorrow, I’m going to have lunch with Lauren on monday. I’m going to bring the chibi and she’s bringing one her newer guys who I haven’t seen in person yetXD

I think I’m going to drag out my vamp Drayton (Drayton #4)next week when I get time. I got inspired this week while watching an old German Vampire film from the thirties. It’s a talky but was still filmed very much like a silent movie. I loved the look and the feel of the movie. Now as for the poor boy, he’s been sitting in a box in pieces from when I modded the body (maybe close to two years ago). I want to open his eyes a little. Not as open as Hito’s but more like dreamy or sleepy lids. He already as a body so the only work I really need to do is open his eyes, paint and blush him. I want to post progress photos since I rarely do that to begin with.

So the is my post for the evening (I almost didn’t make it).

I love him, I love him, I love him a million times over. What a cutie. This evening not only did his “proper” wig come in from Crobidoll but also a package from Mrs Seijicat from a Tata order she had organized (thank you:D). So now I feel like I can properly take photos of him (sort of< .< The photo above stinks... for a reason). His clothes from Tata are adorable and fit so well. I got him a pair of shorts, some shoes (replacing the strings) and a yukata. The wig on the other hand… I feel that Crobi wigs and I are not meant to be together unless I do some tweaking. This is the second wig purchased from them and I wasn’t too thrilled when it came out of the box. I had to modify it as soon as I put it on him (which I feel shouldn’t be necessary) But I’m satisfied with it for now. Will it be his forever? Don’t know. I really wanted a short wefted mohair wig for him. Until I find the perfect one this will be his.

The sweater is the v-neck I posted the other night. As I said before, I’m so happy with the fit. I’m gong to take some photos of the other collar styles this week. I’ve been knitting away this weekend.

So, I messed up my ankle this evening running for the bus and it wasn’t because of the ice storm we got this morning More»


What a month. Either work is just insane or everything else around it is just in a state of chaos.

It seems that in my complete forgetfulness I did not register anyone to sit at my table with me at the Otakon artist alley before the deadline (May 19th). When checking out the forums, the person in charge of the alley has pretty much said “tough”. Oh well. I blame no one but myself for this. This is going to be a fun year indeed.

Things to look up about:

-I got my hair cut today. It was sorely needed. I was at the point where I could tuck my bangs behind my ears. It was really getting me down. It’s may sound strange or even vain but it’s one of the few “beauty” things I really splurge on and is like my instant Prozac (besides the boy in the image above). Hopefully the haircut will sink in again and let me forget the whole “Otakon disaster”.

-Dolpa is a few weeks away. I get to leave this city for a short while and go into a bigger one with better transportation and cooler shops. I’ll also be getting to see some very cool people that I don’t normally get to spend time with. I’ll also, surprisingly, have a few new guys to take with me to the event. One of them thanks to an incredibly thoughtful collector which I will get into later. Not like it was terribly important, it was something that I did not plan for, but happened. I still plan on taking Hito for non-Volk’s events. I can’t leave him at home:3

-Tomorrow and the rest of next week, besides knitting like a fiend, I’m devoting all of my time to just “play” with the new boys and with my dolls in general. Again, I’m falling into the same trap of enjoying other people’s dolls and not my own. I really need to cut out my internet time… which as of late is the only thing I’ve had time and energy for.

Well, I have a Japanese class this afternoon. I need to prepare before Yoko arrives. I think we had homework last class… Japanese verbs will be my downfall, I tell ya!