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Tsuyoshi: Hey Haru-kun
Haru: Yes Tsuyoshi-san?
Tsuyoshi: We’re best friends, right?
Haru: Always

My plan this evening was to separate these boys so that I could photograph Haru in the green sweater I made (even though it’s totally not his style and not for him… I think). But 1. I feel like poo this evening… (still not sure if it’s a cold, allergies or the paint I was spraying for 7 plus hours yesterday) and 2. they just looked so cute laying on the table they way they were. How could anyone split them up? I’m thinking that these two have become life long friends after meeting and are so happy to have each other. They just make me melt sometimes.

I know he’s considered off topic on DOA… but oh my god is he cute!!!! I might have to get the chibi a dog.

Edit: It seems as though Hujoo exceeded their bandwidth so here is an article about it on BJDcollectasy.