hitomu stealing takumi’s glasses. hito is not usually the prankster type of boy but he knows very well that tak is blind as a bat without them.
i think hito needs a pair of reading glasses>.< so this may sound so odd... and maybe a bit brutal but for the last few months i've been wanting to hack at hito's wig. now i love the jpopdoll kana wig to pieces, don’t get me wrong. it has to be one of my favorite wigs ever. i even have one in a 7-8 size for the minis. but i think hito needs a shorter style now. my biggest inspiration is Robin’s Egg’s blog. her collection of dolls are so stunning but i absolutely adore the wigs she has. the two i’m referring to directly are this “lovely” and this “pretty“. i’m not sure if she alters them herself or if they come that way but i think these similar styles would be perfect for hito. don’t you think? so much so that i’m ready to run out and get a hair razor and have a go with his head.
too bad i’m too much of a wimp. the only thing stopping me is the fact that this particular kana wig has been sold out for some time. but once they come back in stock it’s going to get a good hacking:P

tomorrow is another meet. it’s in ownings mills. the location and time is listed on the baltidoll message board as well as doa. so if you get the chance, stop by… hopefully the rain will hold off.