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I finally found a pics of the Vamp’s Hellween Live costumes… well two out of three. I’m still waiting to see the Peter Burns costume so I will continue my search… These guys crack me up. hahaha…


Completely unrelated to dolls (though this blog is more about my vices and obsessive hobbies, so it fits) but while checking out the reports for the Vamps Hellween party this year it seems that Hyde called on the spirits of the 80’s British new wave gods to choose his costumes. Thursday night he chose Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnik (seriously I can imagine this one was a bit crazy but people say that he looked amazing). Friday he went with Peter Burns, lead singer of Dead or Alive (yeah, I really can not wait for photos to come out for this one. I still have “spin me around” on vinyl). Saturday night was Boy George (Katie that is for you, I not touching it). I hope someone gets photos soon. It sounds like it was certainly a show this year.