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Dragged a few of the boys out to have them model a few sweaters for an etsy order that I hope to make this week (waiting for the photos at the moment). I was shocked to see how many sweaters I had actually knitted for Ota. For some reason I wasn’t really keep track and just kept knitting along. I was in a bit of a panic when chaos was going on until I saw the pile of sweaters I need to finish and tag… then it just got overwhelming. Sold quite a few thankfully but there are some left over from the show. Again, Daisuke in pants cracks me up and Hito in that striped sweater<3. That boy is the biggest problem when it comes to me letting those sweaters go. Pfffff… he has too many.



i was knitting away this past weekend. i managed to make three hats with a pattern i was trying to work out. i was hoping to make a slouch hat. the first one (middle one in the photo) had some slouch but not quite enough. i simply made the decision to switch up the needle size after finishing the rib. it worked and the two hat that followed turned out well. i love this yarn. as i knit through the skein each hat becomes totally different from the next. i’m hoping to make more of these with some yarn i’m currently spinning. it’s feels good to not only knit the garment but also the material and tools to make it.
as you can see my bohemian boy hito is modeling for me tonight. his body should be coming this weekend (cross fingers) sadly the tracking number isn’t working after two days. i’m going to check in the morning and then contact msdoll if it still doesn’t register:(

checking through my daily reads, danny choo made an entertaining post about going to dolpa yesterday. when you get the chance check it out. some of my favorite doll clothing designers were there. kaba was one of them (love her!!! what i wouldn’t give for some of her clothes) and right after dollshow as well. how do they do it?

the dolpas held in japan seem so different from what i’ve seen of the us events. am i wrong to say this? i still haven’t made it to the new york dolpa yet. i was thinking about going this year but could not justify a way to do it with all that’s going on this summer. oh well. maybe next year.

tag your it

yeah by the title you just know that this is going to be an exciting doll post.

for shits and giggles i sewed some of my new tags onto my puki hats. they totally work and are so cute. mallory got her hat today. both she and dark_skada (on lj) both said some lovely things about my hats are were very encouraging. thank you ladies!

my sister cait received her elfdoll hazy. i can not wait to see her. she’s commissioned me to do her face up so we’ll see how that goes. i’ll get to play with her for a bit.
i still have katie’s jury07 to paint up as well. i would like to have it done before this weekend. there are only few chances for us to hang out so i would hate to see her wait forever. it’s going to be a busy week.

by the way the boxes came in: