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The Mr always knows how to photograph Hito because I love every photo of this boy that I put into the shop. Hito in this sweater is <3 Anyway, finally made a shop update this evening. Several sweaters are now added to the shop. I actually have a small pile of sweaters that never made it to the con that will be put up shortly as well… And I think I also have some YoSD shorts. So look for more updates soon.

Death by cuteness anyone? Besides the seriously adorable Volks uniforms I’ve been going on about everywhere but here, early last week I purchased these two adorable Kuma (bear) hats from etsy artist ParakeetPeach. She was at Doll Fete a few weekends back and I happened to spot them in a few instagram photos from the show (more reasons to love that app). I crossed fingers that she might have a few left over and that she would put them in her shop. Lucky for me she did, only a few days after the show. How cute are they?! I love her cute accessories and clothes. I just want everything that she has in her shop right now!

Now, as for these two silly boys… I think they are attempting the Fusion Dance OAO. Which I will tell is almost, if not absolutely impossible with the Volks YoSD body. In case for some strange reason you are not familiar with the Fusion dance here is a perfect example below:

This is a DBZ thing but in this case it’s some random scene from Zetsubou Sensei.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, these guys just crack me up. I love how they photograph. The mr does an amazing job at capturing them.
Edit* Yoshi is wearing an olive t made by Mon from Dorset clothing. It goes so well with his knitted shorts and is just as soft<3

Now, I’m not an Apple fan myself, but who is to say that Aki isn’t? I think when it comes to electronics he would be the trendy sort. LiLu on Etsy has been a shop I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while. So many cute little electronic props for the tiny little guys(iphones, laptops and wall clocks). When I saw that they were now making their version of the iphone in 1/3 scale I knew that Aki had to have one. When it came this week it came in it’s own little box (foam and all). It’s so detailed. I think Aki is going to either need a leather case or a knitted one so that he keeps his new phone scratch free.

don't give me that look

this is not a happy girl. she was left in her carrier for a month and a half, the entire time plotting out our demise. luckily i had purchased a beautiful hat from gaia of bambina carabina and all was forgiven. now the other girls are claiming abuse and other nonsense. it looks like i may have to get a few more.