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So I have two heads that I would like to have modded. I want to open the eyes on my Drayton Vamp head (that would Drayton#4 in my collection of Drayton2 heads) which I can do myself but I’m having doubts at times. There are not a lot of this sculpt out there and as far as I know MSDoll is not casting any more of these at this moment. I just want to make them more dreamy than completely open (like Hitomu’s eyes). The doubt isn’t whether I can or not but more about if I should… Absolutely silly thoughts because it’s my head and I can do whatever I want with it, grrr…

The second head I want modded is the NS school A head I purchased at Dolpa last year. I would like to close his eyes a little(lovely example who belongs to Channel’s toybox…. love this boy to bits<3<3). This is something I know that I can not do... or least haven't tried and I don't feel comfortable using my School A as an example or test subject. Has any of my lovely doll friends had this type of work done or can they recommend someone? I'm completely lost when it comes to mods like this because it's the first time I've ever thought of having it done. I've sworn off dolls for a while to finish the ones I have(>_>’… right) and these two are one the top of the list (too many floating heads… I really should think about selling some of them).

I love winter but when it gets as cold as it is this evening it just wipes me out.

So no doll meet for me this weekend. I’m keeping things as simple as I can so that I’m not moving around too much. I’m doing loads better. To make up for the loss of hanging out with doll folk tomorrow, I’m going to have lunch with Lauren on monday. I’m going to bring the chibi and she’s bringing one her newer guys who I haven’t seen in person yetXD

I think I’m going to drag out my vamp Drayton (Drayton #4)next week when I get time. I got inspired this week while watching an old German Vampire film from the thirties. It’s a talky but was still filmed very much like a silent movie. I loved the look and the feel of the movie. Now as for the poor boy, he’s been sitting in a box in pieces from when I modded the body (maybe close to two years ago). I want to open his eyes a little. Not as open as Hito’s but more like dreamy or sleepy lids. He already as a body so the only work I really need to do is open his eyes, paint and blush him. I want to post progress photos since I rarely do that to begin with.

So the is my post for the evening (I almost didn’t make it).