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deep v in plum

So I think I finally found a color for Aki. The color is called blackcurrant and it’s a deep dark plum. Finally. When I was at Neko Muffin asked if I had ever tried making a deeper cut v-neck. When I first went into making the v-neck style I did have a deep v-neck in mind. Because, you know, I love me some v-necks and the deeper the better (I think I have this slight fondness for the neck, collar bone and shoulder area, if you can’t tell by now. Pilates you scarred me for life). The first attempt was a total failure. So I went back and shortened it a bit. After the con when this particular yarn came in I thought I would give it a go. I had a better understanding this time around and I think it worked out. It’s hard to tell in the photo (this yarn is also extra fuzzy and my photo skills are… crap) but the collar really hugs his chest and shoulders. More so than the shorter “v”. I’m happy and Aki has his sweater. This one isn’t completely finished (the ends need to be woven in) but when it is I’ll take proper photos.

Uh I kind of said in my last post that the next few would be Aki-centric. Here is a little Hito and Aki to mix it up a bit

I wanted to give these photos a little bit of a vintage feel… or whatever you call it-_-,. The two together crack me up though. Hito looks a bit irritated in the first photo. I could have been taking too long to take the photo or Aki said something offensive.

Honey Locust Thorn, silver, Swarovski crystal

This is rather on the large size but I wanted to be able to see it in the photo. I’m thinking that maybe this larger thorn is more suited to be a doll sized hair stick. I’m going to leave a few plain but lightly sanded and polished. There are several that have aged, that have an ash or tree bark look to them. They were inspired by shawl pins. It was suggested by a non doll person that they would look lovely on the sweaters. I thought “why not?”


Just a quick one today. To my surprise Hito’s eyes came in this evening. This is my first pair of Mystics and I have to say that they are eight times lovelier in person than in the photos on the site. As soon as I got home I put them in. The biggest difference up close, is that they sit right up to the the eye wells (not back like his last pair). Since Hito’s eyes are quite narrow, high domes simply do not work sadly. This allows me to move them around more, giving him a little more emotion.

You honestly can not see the rich color in the photo above since the eyes themselves are dark and I’m just poo with a camera, but look at the whites in his eyes. They gleam. This has made my day. And just in time for the local meet.

If I didn’t tell you before that I <3’ed you Hito, I’m telling you now. I <3 Hito.

drayton2 #3

i’m not obsessed with this sculpt… not one bit;_;.
this is the third drayton in my collection. the mr wanted to try his hand out for the photo contest so he asked me to paint him up. he was asking for an assassin, katie suggested something very kuroshitsuji and i was thinking something the complete opposite of hito. mixed them all together and this is what i got. though if i aimed a little more towards the first two suggestions i think i would have laid off the lips a little. unfortunately i couldn’t help myself. lips are a weakness when painting heads. i save them for the very last and can spend as much time on them as i do on brows. draytons are no exception. these boys are all lips and i think they are the loveliest ever sculpted.
i used a lot of cool colors this time around. the recent trend for me have been warm colors though. lots of cool pinks, browns and plums. i also gave him smokey eyes… or at least as smokey as i can get (not saying much). he still needs lashes. i have some but not as dark and long as i want for him.

he has no name as of yet and i really can’t tell you much about him. he a total mystery for now but doesn’t seem to want to give up any info so it may take awhile.

hito <3

so it’s a day later and i’m so in love with this boy. i can’t put him down. who would have thought he would have turned out so lovely. he’s my odd one in the bunch. my french/japanese boy. i’m working on a bio for him that i hope makes sense. i’m not very good at these things.
i’m hoping to have bio for all of the boys sometime soon. i plan on having a link on the side bar of the blog so that people can access them if they want.

now in other news i found out today that supia doll is no longer using a dealer to sell their dolls internationally. you can now order directly from their site. now why would i, amu, even care about a company that only makes female dolls? well friends, it seems as though i have finally found a girl for my group. a girl! unheard of! crazy! I KNOW! i’ve fallen head over heels for rosy. thanks to sdink‘s tallulah, i found that this girl has some serious potential. besides the lovely asian sculpt and the amazing body i think she would fit in just fine with my crew. plus the idea of knitting clothes for her has me dancing. she would be a fun one to knit for.

an eye opener

i did my first official full eye mod. did a pretty good job too. i must admit that i was a bit too chicken to use the good head i purchased from ms doll. i used her gift practice head instead. there are some subtle differences between the two that i didn’t see until i started painting but either way i love the end results.
his eyes are so small. they are almost as small as my migidoll ryu’s eyes and he wears 12mm. i didn’t want to go beyond the size of the sleepy head but at the same time i really hoping that hito can wear the uk glass eyes i ordered for him. they are size 14mm and a lovely shade of olive. we’ll see. the small sized eyes give him that sleepy look that i wanted to keep. now all he needs is a body.
here’s another pic with him wearing mizuko’s default blue 14mm. More»

i heart msdoll

besides being an amazing artist there are other reasons

another sweater

another photo of “the drayton” wearing another sweater. even though i really like both sweaters i would love to keep this one. like the last one, its made of kid mohair. it’s super soft and has a lovely glow about it. the collar has a key hole opening on the side. something a little different.

so i’m using “the drayton” again as my model even though i do have other dolls (excuse the hair). i just love him. he’s very close to having a name. i have a small list but so far i’m really liking hitomu. we’ll see very soon.

thr dreamy drayton

i wasn’t going to my doll picture post until i posted tak, my first doll and the reason for the insanity, but this lovely sculpt has been gaining so much of my attention lately. plus he’s borrowing a body from another doll from my collection nor does he have a name. for now he is known as “the drayton”.
“the drayton” is actually a drayton 2 from msdoll. after receiving him in dec i was going to leave him be until i finished up a few of my other heads but a japanese collector (and another doll) inspired me to give him a go. after he was finished it was love a first sight. i’m really happy with how he turned out. so now i’m in the market for a sd13 body and another head to mod the eyes. i’m not quite sure when msdoll will put him up for sale again but i hope very soon.

btw, “the drayton” is modeling the sweater i was working on all week. it turned out better then expected. i’m going to make note to knit the collar a little longer. you really can’t see in the photos but it should be a bit fuller. i’m thinking the the added length will add a bit more bulk.

takumi sweater

working on a modified version of my “takumi” sweater. i’m going to try a different collar this time around. i love this kid mohair. it’s so delicate looking and gives off this pretty glow when worn.
i’m planning on having a few sweater sets on display in the art gallery at katsucon 15. accessories will be made as well for each set. photos will be taken as soon as everything is together.

busy finding a body for “the drayton”. i think i’m going to just go with an sd13 (sd17, i wish, but too tall next to tak, my elfdoll wu). the other day i spotted a newish company little monica. they make a boy body that is just a tad cheaper then a second market sd13. i haven’t heard reviews yet but it will be a awhile before i’m ready for the purchase. i know that “the drayton2″ will work since msdoll is currently selling the head with the little monica body (korea only). if only i spoke korean, i would totally buy up the body and another head (for modding).
as i said i have some time. i may just end up with sd13 but we’ll see.