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…pardon my little PS frou frou’ing aka: pretending to know what I’m doing(not).

I’m still alive and well. Took a vacation of sorts (I really hate summer). Just to keep everyone up to date, I added two new boys to the group of boys (see above). Now there is nine (though reading the blog you would think I only had two to start off O_o). Dolpa was fantastic (I have photos I swear). Otakon was a blast but seriously wiped me out. I’m getting the hint that as I get older I need more sleep to function. In between it all were some fun meets.


v-neck... YES!

While I wait for a commission piece to dry, all I really have to say right now is “Yes!” I finally made an attempt to make a v-neck style Takumi Sweater and it’s looking alright. I need to work out a few bugs. I do like the webbing effect that it created. Certainly not done in the most traditional process but I’ll do anything to get a specific result. Kristi (alanna214) has done some fantastic examples of v-neck doll sweaters. I believe she uses a more traditional approach and they are just flawlessly done(though, I think she’ll argue with me on that, but I still stick to my word on the subject). She definitely has more patience than me.

Just a quick note to myself about this sweater: I think I finally worked out a way to use the Kitchener stitches with less bulk… YAY!

This sweater is far from done. It need to be washed, blocked and the ends need to be woven in… It will smooth out any obvious flaws that are showing. I think the only reason it looks as good as it does is for the fact that the Muse if wearing it.

Speaking of Muse, it seems that his bday is coming up very soon. In a few days as a matter of fact. Who knew that a little junk cast that started out as an experiment would take over. That was totally not my goal when I started this blog. I can’t help but <3 Hitomu.