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Akihiro, almost complete. He needs new eyes and a last name (this is always the hardest part for me and usually will take a month or so for me to decide). He’s a WS School A and just so lovely. He was my little weekend project. If I say that Daniel Falls was incredibly thoughtful in making sure I had this boy in time to prepare for Dolpa, it would be an understatement. I honestly can not thank him enough. I’m very excited to be taking him with me next weekend.

He was a bit intimidating at first. Like the Schulze, all the things I had set aside for him didn’t work… mainly for the fact that the rest of my boys have smaller sd sized heads and wear smaller eyes. All of my wigs are sized for Tak and Hito who both wear 8-9. Luckily, I had this lovely 4D fur wig that I completely forgot about that was just too big for everyone else but was prefect for him (the bonus is that it’s short and black… which is exactly what I wanted for him<3). I was also worried about the pale pale skin tone. My face ups are very light. Hito’s face up is as dramatic as I’ll go. I was afraid that Aki would be too washed out. But after both the face up and the body blushing I’m quite happy with the way he turned out. I’ve also discovered that he is much more suited to wear warm tones, maybe (I’m still thinking about this one). I had made a sweater in the slate color mohair for but I’m afraid it may make him too washed out. This older chocolate number I had on hand works beautifully with his resin<3 I still have a bit to do this week before Dolpa. Pants to make, a hat to finish and a few commissions to round up. I also need to make a final list of places to go and eat (I really want to find a good ramen restaurant while we’re there). But on the top of the list is to make sure I get plenty of rest. I really don’t want to be a stumbling fool while I’m in New York. So on that note I’m going to bed;3


What a month. Either work is just insane or everything else around it is just in a state of chaos.

It seems that in my complete forgetfulness I did not register anyone to sit at my table with me at the Otakon artist alley before the deadline (May 19th). When checking out the forums, the person in charge of the alley has pretty much said “tough”. Oh well. I blame no one but myself for this. This is going to be a fun year indeed.

Things to look up about:

-I got my hair cut today. It was sorely needed. I was at the point where I could tuck my bangs behind my ears. It was really getting me down. It’s may sound strange or even vain but it’s one of the few “beauty” things I really splurge on and is like my instant Prozac (besides the boy in the image above). Hopefully the haircut will sink in again and let me forget the whole “Otakon disaster”.

-Dolpa is a few weeks away. I get to leave this city for a short while and go into a bigger one with better transportation and cooler shops. I’ll also be getting to see some very cool people that I don’t normally get to spend time with. I’ll also, surprisingly, have a few new guys to take with me to the event. One of them thanks to an incredibly thoughtful collector which I will get into later. Not like it was terribly important, it was something that I did not plan for, but happened. I still plan on taking Hito for non-Volk’s events. I can’t leave him at home:3

-Tomorrow and the rest of next week, besides knitting like a fiend, I’m devoting all of my time to just “play” with the new boys and with my dolls in general. Again, I’m falling into the same trap of enjoying other people’s dolls and not my own. I really need to cut out my internet time… which as of late is the only thing I’ve had time and energy for.

Well, I have a Japanese class this afternoon. I need to prepare before Yoko arrives. I think we had homework last class… Japanese verbs will be my downfall, I tell ya!

I just got my email from Volk’s. I’m going to Dolpa. Did everyone get theirs as well?

Well, I’m back from the Maryland sheep and wool festival. …I am so exhausted. As soon as I get some energy I’ll be making my festival post on the semi daily. I thought in the mean time I would just kind of update the dolly blog with related doll topics.

This was my very first time at the festival. I had only dreamed about going for about ten years. Such a different environment compared to the conventions and other show I’ve gone to. We noted that even though the festival was huge… bigger than say Otakon, no one carried around walkie-talkies (sp?). I’ve never seen this at any show before. So laid back and relaxed. I did get to see one local doll collector this weekend. Ann (thanate) and her friend Ruth stopped by to say hello, looking very relaxed and very summery (I wore jeans the first day… a very stupid idea). I hope you ladies had a fun time.

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… but I’m surfing the web instead.

I added a Volk’s msd Schultz to the wish list I keep in my head sometime ago. After getting to see muffin’s Teruhiko in person at nekocon I bummed him to the top of the physical list. Too cute. Good luck to me right? I may start a WTB thread soon and maybe in a years time one will surface. I hope to be going to the New York Dolpa next year. Does anyone know if they hold the workshops at this one?

I’m making a super late night post. Spent most of the early part of the day running around. I later foun d myself sitting under the kotatsu watching my one piece marathon while knitting like a mad woman. I’m now trying to make up for the non post I failed to make last night. I predict that it’s just going to be a load of gibberish so bear with me.

The NY Dolpa was announced and the dates seem to be set. I’m going to try my best to go. I have plenty of time to plan. I figured I’ll go to NY by myself for a few days but hating the fact that I would be traveling alone bothers The Mr for some strange reason. So he said he would go as well. We’ll see. I would hate to drag him to another doll event. Meets are one thing. He enjoys those but to spend a few days surrounded by dolls for an entire weekend is another thing. He could have a weekend of video games, the pug and himself.

Totally unrelated, just as I slowly shrunk down my wish list, new doll heads are finding their way on to it. For the past few months I planned that the Swd School A would be my next head. I was going to mod the eyes open a bit. I still plan on getting him but now I see that dollgru opened up her #9 preorder again but only for a few weeks. He is such an odd sculpt but as strange as it is, his profile is quite lovely. I was hoping to find a gentle enough sculpt to pair up with Hito and this one may be it. We’ll see though. If I get him, I’ll paint him up only for him to tell me that my plans were all wrong. It always happens.


i was knitting away this past weekend. i managed to make three hats with a pattern i was trying to work out. i was hoping to make a slouch hat. the first one (middle one in the photo) had some slouch but not quite enough. i simply made the decision to switch up the needle size after finishing the rib. it worked and the two hat that followed turned out well. i love this yarn. as i knit through the skein each hat becomes totally different from the next. i’m hoping to make more of these with some yarn i’m currently spinning. it’s feels good to not only knit the garment but also the material and tools to make it.
as you can see my bohemian boy hito is modeling for me tonight. his body should be coming this weekend (cross fingers) sadly the tracking number isn’t working after two days. i’m going to check in the morning and then contact msdoll if it still doesn’t register:(

checking through my daily reads, danny choo made an entertaining post about going to dolpa yesterday. when you get the chance check it out. some of my favorite doll clothing designers were there. kaba was one of them (love her!!! what i wouldn’t give for some of her clothes) and right after dollshow as well. how do they do it?

the dolpas held in japan seem so different from what i’ve seen of the us events. am i wrong to say this? i still haven’t made it to the new york dolpa yet. i was thinking about going this year but could not justify a way to do it with all that’s going on this summer. oh well. maybe next year.