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human and his guardian kappa

“Hitomu and his little kappa guardian, Mizuko walking to the festival”
This photo was taken by the Mr

We had such a lovely time at the festival yesterday. Very early in the morning, the Mr, Katie (deityofdeath) and I met up with my sister Cait and her friend Andi at the train station and took a little ride up to DC for their annual Cherry Blossom Street Matsuri. This year I only took Hito and Mizu-poo but dressed them up in their best little festival yukata. Hito wore his leveldevil Yukata, made by Muffin and Mizuko wore a girls yukata that I purchased one year at Dollectable. Yes, he is wearing a girls yukata. I’m not explaining why just yet. I need to make him another that is better fitting and that needs to be a bit worn and aged looking. Once it’s made, then I’ll explain. I did make sure to have him wear a boy’s style obi which I plan on keeping.

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The Captain: Onward Ride. Take me to my destination!
Hito (Ride): Fine, whatever (*thinks* If I scratch my butt will he just fall off?)
(I swear that the matching sweaters were not intentional. Honest)

The mr, Lauren and I traveled had a great time in DC today. At Teaism, we met up with the lovely Kittymaru, Ashbet, and Perley as well as some wonderful new faces. The dolls were beautiful, the conversation was great, if not entertaining and the food and drink were quite good as well (I got the tuna bento. The seared tuna was so good and I couldn’t help but gobble up the miso broccoli. The Jasmine tea was my drink of choice). I have to say that I was a little sleepy which did not help my side of the conversation (how many times can a human say “awesome” in a five hour span. I kind of stopped counting myself when I got to thirty… Kiddies, make sure you get you sleep. Sleep is good)

So after this meet it’s been decided that Mizuko needs a pair of boot style roller skates… thanks to Lauren who even brought up the subject in the first place… and later encouraged by Kittymaru (who is looking for ice skates herself). It’s decided that he needs a white pair with skate pom pons hanging off the front. To be honest, I’ll take any color really, as long as they are boot style. If I can’t find them in an mini size then I will be making them. I can see this being very possible. Oh Mizuko, you never stood a chance around me…you poor poor boy. I’ve managed to find a new way to ruin you even more. I’d like blame it on Lauren…-_-

To get back to the meet before I go to bed. Hito was by his lonesome for this meet even though I swear I could see sad faces on the other boys before leaving (how do they do that!? It has to be psychological) I think he had a lovely time… a little under dress in my opinion. Though, he would argue that he was wearing shoes. “Isn’t that enough?” What would he say if he was asked “Did you have a good time?”? I think his first response would be “Yes, but Martel is very tall in person, isn’t heO_O?” Yes he is Hito. Yes he is…

Like I always say, pictures will follow in future posts.

cliche, no?
so cliche, no?

the mr, tofucat, deityofdeath and i met up with Hominivorax and _mouse_ early yesterday morning to head over to dc for the cherry blossom festival. i was lugging two sd sized boys and my mnf. it was tough at first but wasn’t so bad a bit later(honestly, i think the shoulder becomes numb after the first 30 minutes and then your good to go :P).
after a good but windy lunch and a little shopping we met up with several collectors in front of the freer museum for the cherry blossom festival meet. after we gathered we soon moved over to the gardens where everyone talked, took photos and admired each other’s dolls.
we had luckily ran into kittymaru and her friend cheshiretiffy before the meet began. they both brought their lovely machina’s. before this meet i had only seen one in person and i’m still in awe when it come to these girls. they are just amazing. these two especially, since there was so much work put into making them so unique. i’m trying to convince the mr that he needs one. i was able to talk him into thinking he needed a puki. i know i can do the same for a machina. mwahahaha……

the meet was really nice and it was good to see familiar faces as well as new ones. i talked so much that when i got home my voice was pretty much gone.

btw, here are a few more photos

hito and tak

we all had a great time last sunday. it was a bit of a travel but so worth it. i spent a lot of this evening going over my photos. sadly i didn’t have time to post them here so if you want to check them out, here is a link to the doa thread.