red v-neck

In case anyone missed it, I had a rather “woe is me” moment this weekend. With very little warning my hard drive went kaput… again. Meaning I lost everything in my laptop… again. Sadly, in the short years I’ve learned how to use the thing call a computer I’ve become dependent on it for everything. Lack of sleep piled up on top of other things running through my head, you would have thought it was the end of the world. My mother put it into proper perspective when she said the next morning “Girl, if that’s the worst thing you ever go through in your life consider yourself lucky” …she’s totally right of course. Thanks to my hero the Mr (who I can not do with out), in the end my comp has a new hard drive and is running a million times faster (less cluttered). I also finished a sweater in record time for the meet next weekend (whoo hoo) while I was waiting for my Hero to makes things right. Anyway, all is well.

The sweater above is the finished v-neck I’ve been wanting to make. It’s officially available on the commission page. Sd sized only for now but hopefully, soon in mature mini as well. I have a great fondness for v-necks in case anyone can’t tell. And on the boy’s the deeper the “v” the better (I’ve been sporting a lower cut myself;D). This style is a bit more relaxed.

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