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silly necklace

so hito and i have been through a bit of drama this weekend (notice that emile is still not using his own body). i’ll be talking about that soon enough.
so to comfort the boy i forced him to wear the most ridiculous necklace i think i’ve ever made.
i was fooling around with some scaled down cloth flowers this weekend and was inspired to make a few romantic/deconstructed style necklaces(i’ve been reading way too many japanese doll blogs latelyO_o). i made these out of some distressed cotton that i had as left overs from other projects. i backed each flower with some crocheted stainless steel wool lace weight and strung everything up with a little silver chain. there is even a garnet color crystal hanging from a chain off the flower but it may be hard to tell. i have a few other flower styles that i’m going to try so we’ll see what i’ll have later.
frustration motivated me to finished this little number up after reading a few critics on doa. it really ticks me off when people recommend prices they’ve seen on places like dollmore for something hand made. when will people get it that you can not compare handmade doll clothes to doll clothes bought from dollmore. that’s like comparing etsy to walmart. (sorry dollmore)ugh…

romantic hito

so as much as i love this boy i just could get over those blue eyes. i decided today to give a few others a try. sadly my olive uk glass eyes from a group order haven’t come in yet so i had to throw in some glibs. what a difference. he looks so much warmer. the blue eyes made him looks so cold before and it clashed with his face up and warm look. these are staying until the new eyes come in.

in crafty news, i made some new labels today. a smaller version of the tags i use on my sweaters. i had so much fun making mallory’s puki hat that i could stop making more (this time for the captain). since they follow a lot of my amigurumi designs the possibilities are endless. i’m thinking of adding these to my knit collection so look out for them soon. and with lovely tiny tags on each and everyone.
i’m aiming for the first week of april to open my sales thread. so look for it soon. the last thing i was waiting for was packaging and my boxes should be here tomorrow. yay!

love that face

i just love this face *pinch cheek*. tonight i got around to putting a short, doa friendly version, of hito’s bio up. way too much thought was put into it and there will be a longer version up sometime soon on the site. this is what happens now that i don’t have cable… or tv for that matter.

oh and about that crafty bit