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So it seems that Amubleu will be setting up shop at Otakon again this year. Unfortunately someone blabbed this info to the chibi without checking with me first. Due to over excitement (and too much sugar) the boys decided to pack now for the event. Haru, the more sensible one out of the two decided to pack necessities. Clothes being the case here. Where as Yoshi grabbed anything he could get his hands on… this included the Captain (run Captain!). I think Yoshi takes after me in this situation (no really, if you traveled with me you would know… Kelsey can vouch). Silly boys forgot two very important pieces of information to remember: 1. the convention is months away. We have plenty of time to prepare and 2. We’re local to the con. As much as a disappointment this is to them we will be sleeping at home that weekend. Silly boys…

Posting from my phone since the inter webs is being a pain. It seems that Verizon isn’t working in some parts of Baltimore City. Federal Hill happens to be one of them… its been out since last night (having some serious tumbr withdraw grrrr….). The phone has a crap spell check so I’m so sorry for the horrid spelling mistakes that are about to follow.

Back from neko. Had a wonderful time. Saw old friends and met new ones. Dizzy set us up next to Kelsey of EatToast (links will follow once the interwebs are working) which totally made the con a million times more fun. That meant that we not only had crazy times on the way up and back but also the entire time we were in the alley.

There was a fantastic tea party again this year. So many beautiful dolls and collectors. As for aa, there were some amazing artist. I went home with some fanastic pieces. Some of which were from trades and purchases (again links and photos to come because you really need to check these artist out). I also got to meet a wonderful collector who is a huge T&B fan who actually commissioned a sweater from me a while ago… I’ve only met a very small handful of my past customers (I was seriously excited to find this out and it was all by accident. Small world right?)

For now that is all I can say until the internet is back (this post is a lot longer than expected). I have to get stuff ready for the Merry Mart. This show is one of the few that I make human size knits and pieces for. Expect a huge update on etsy and some updates to the site (including a static page with commission info) Also, as of today sweater commissions are open. I managed to knit 2 dozen sweaters for Neko… you would think that I would be sick of sweaters right now… but that is seriously not the case. If there is one thing I concider comfort knitting it would be the sweaters. Your commissions are my stress relief so I give you all a big Thank You!

Photos are not mine. They are from Dollmore.

Oh my god, How adorable is that widdle face!? I spotted this guy on DOA (They were not sure if he was on topic or not). Normally I don’t usually check out Yo’s other than Volks Yo’s (not a snob , I swear. I was never into the size until recently. I have my two little cuties and I thought I was all set… until now)but I seriously love his face. Only problem he is really a she. She is a Mia’s baby doll Aga. Normally for the bigger boys this would bother me but I’m thinking for the little guys, not so much. Her body is so far from being anatomically correct that anything can go with this little one… so to me she is a he and I will refer to her as such:p I’m no where near able to get him at the moment but he will be going on the wish list. Maybe there will be another oni running around and causing a ruckus with the other two:3

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(if the image doesn’t show, that means my server is being a big pile-o-poo right now)

The Mr and I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. I seemed to have brought home a cold only for the Mr to catch it a few days later. What a mess we are/were. It doesn’t seem to have stopped me too much other then me missing out on work a few days last week. I did manage to make a supply trip with my mom and sister to Philly on Wednesday and another trip to the Renn Fest yesterday with the Mr and his side of the family (pirate weekend=tons-of-fun).

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Feeling rather ho hum this week. Hearing about the new katsucon artist alley rules has not helped at all. Just when I was feeling hopeful about that convention again it just turned out to be the same old stuff.

Now buying this sadol jacket would help for a few minutes… maybe a day. I have no idea who would wear it but I would find someone who would. If only they made that in my size…-_-

(photo was cross posted to the daily blog)

Just a comparison and sample of a slight change to the wide neckline on the takumi sweater. For all of the technical stuff and knitting lingo you can go to my daily to get all of the details.

I’m still working on the con… though it feel like I just started. So much to do and seriously so little time. I’ve been feeling a bit scattered with my projects lately. It may be the lack of sleep, all of the craziness going on at work or the change in weather. I just can not focus on anything lately. Luckily due to the “craziness” I was told I could take the whole week of before the con… thank you. I’m so going to need it. especially since i’ve been asked to work an extra day next week.

I did decide on a theme for my table at least… I always need a theme for some reason. I’m going to try to work on displays the next few weeks that will focus around it. I was really doubtful if I would ever find one but I think this is it. I’ll spill more details later. I don’t want to spoil it.

gage in amubleu... pretty<3

so i finally make my con post for the doll blog. i actually started this late last night but gave up when i realized the time.

i had a great time this year. thank you everyone who stopped by to say hello. it was great to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones. i lost my voice by sunday evening talking to everyone… well that and screaming at the vamps concert the thursday before.

i took a chance making all of those sweaters for the convention and i was very happy with the results. i hope everyone who got to take one home felt the same way. thank you again!

katsucon doll knits

i finished the sweaters last night with some lovely tags the mr printed for before leaving for the con. i think they are a nice touch.
so far the convention is nice. not a lot of doll stuff going on. the yearly panel was canceled but there were quite a few meets going on. we missed the first one this afternoon but made it to a mini baltimore meet this evening. alyssa brought the rement kotatsu that i purchased from her for the girls. i can’t wait to put it together when we get home. it will be a cute prop for photos.
tomorrow is another doll meet. i should get some pictures. i’ll try to post some asap. i have a few from the last few days that turned out quite nice so they will be posted soon as well.

takumi sweater

working on a modified version of my “takumi” sweater. i’m going to try a different collar this time around. i love this kid mohair. it’s so delicate looking and gives off this pretty glow when worn.
i’m planning on having a few sweater sets on display in the art gallery at katsucon 15. accessories will be made as well for each set. photos will be taken as soon as everything is together.

busy finding a body for “the drayton”. i think i’m going to just go with an sd13 (sd17, i wish, but too tall next to tak, my elfdoll wu). the other day i spotted a newish company little monica. they make a boy body that is just a tad cheaper then a second market sd13. i haven’t heard reviews yet but it will be a awhile before i’m ready for the purchase. i know that “the drayton2″ will work since msdoll is currently selling the head with the little monica body (korea only). if only i spoke korean, i would totally buy up the body and another head (for modding).
as i said i have some time. i may just end up with sd13 but we’ll see.