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Hitomu by Sekiraku

So, sometime last week Kristi (alanna214) posted, on one of her LJ posts, a portrait of two of her boys she recently had done. Both she and Emily (nightengale) had portraits done by a friend of theirs who goes by the name of sekiraku on deviant art and pencil-smudged on live journal. After checking her portfolio and poking and prodding Kristi for some more info, I contacted Eden about getting a portrait done for Hito. I figured why not.

Eden was incredibly sweet about the whole thing. It’s been ages since I last commission a piece from anyone so I gave her some photos, a little bit of info (or maybe too much, hahahaha) and told her to do whatever she wanted. I think she got Hito down perfectly. From the style of hair, to a stance I think he would totally carry if his body could pose that way. She also got his colors right. The boy is so monochromatic compared to the rest of my crew and to some of the other portraits she’s done, but that is totally him. He’s either wearing white, creams or colors so dark they are pretty much unrecognizable.

I’m quite happy with the portrait and I’m looking forward to getting a few more from her sometime soon while she’s still open for commissions. It’s wouldn’t be fair for the others to be left out (… but aren’t they always left out?). I highly recommend her. Her communication was fantastic and speedy (she was even traveling at the time). Her prices are very reasonable if you ask me and she was so fast getting the portrait done. It only took a few days at the most. Understandably, it would all depend on how much work and how many commission she has on her plate, so act fast if your thinking about it.

As for today, the weekend has been pretty rainy and miserable (I’d rather have snow). Hints of sping have disappeared and I’m feeling it. I think today is oging to be a lazy knitting day. Working on V-neck sample #2 and then the final Dollshi sweater. Pictures coming soon.

It’s seems like a hot cocoa type of afternoon, as well.

red sweater

here is the finished red sweater. very pretty, is it not? i love doing these commissions. since i haven’t made solid sweaters with all of the colors in my stash, the commissions allow me to see what kinds these colors create. This is the limited red that i got from my last trip to san francisco. i love this color<3. i just have a tiny bit left. maybe enough to add a stripe in a sweater or maybe to make a dolly scarf. i haven’t figured out what to do with the bits of mohair i have left yet:3

here are more photos of the back and side behind the cut, as well as info of the vamps shirt. More»

busy screenin'

this is part one of my silk screening/t-shirt making experiment. i put together a somewhat primitive set up at work to help me line up the t shirts before printing. it was a huge help. almost all of the prints came out even and crisp. now i go into production sewing.
it’s funny how i run into artist all the time who say that they can’t make the same piece twice or that production work is just something they can’t do. i’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that i actually like production work and i think i’m pretty go at it. i find it quite challenging. it’s part of why i love my full time job since most of my work is production work.

anyway, i’m loving the silk screening process. i’m anxious to finished these t-shirt to work out my sewing mistakes and to start on some new designs to screen. i’m going to have an artist table at nekocon this year and i plan on having t-shirts to sell. it should be fun to prepare.

the commission i sent out last week was received today safe and sound (and oh so fast). i’m ecstatic to say that samantha loved them. she took the time out to put together this amazing photoshoot with one of the sweaters. besides the fact that her hyde is pure love<3<3<3 the sweaters look so lovely on him. i’m so happy. it seems that the shirt was a hit as well. thank you for the commission samantha! it was so great working with you.

no photos this evening. guilt usually settles in when i don’t due to habits i made with the daily blog. it’s also been almost a week since i took any photos of the boysTAT

i sent out the commission today for two sweaters. thinking back i wished i had taken a photo of them nestled in there little box. they were really cute and i think i actually squee’ed(again something i don’t normally admit to). it’s though simple things that keep me entertained.

i have another commission to keep me busy this week. a wide neck sd sized in a solid red. the red is one of the lovely hand dyed yarns i picked up while i was in imagiknits in san fran last year. i only have enough for one last sweater and that’s it. it will be sad to see it go but it’s going to make a beautiful sweater. especially in a wide neck style (which i think i said before is my favorite). i’m excited to see this one when it’s finished. i already cast on for it this evening.

on to dolly news, i decide to treat myself to some mystic eyes. there was a group order started that offered a great price and had the most perfect shade of olive. i’ve been told that the domes are low, which i’m now realizing, is something hito’s sleepy eyes needs. he’s currently wearing a pair of uk glass, which are so beautiful but the domes prevent the whites to sit again the rim of the eye socket. i was going to use lauren’s suggestion and get some eyecos but i think i’m going to save those for emile. there was a pretty pair of blues that i spotted that would be perfect for him.

so i meantioned my love for robin’s egg recent modded swd school a (i so love that boy). i decided that i’m going to start looking for one. either get one new unpainted and or go with one with slight mods and just open the eyes more. i’m still not sure about the mouth but i may get enough nerve and give that a go as well. i could also look into seeing if someone can do the mod for me but i don’t know a lot of people willing to carve away at the mouth.

work in progress

no doll pics tonight. sorry about that. instead you get a peek at a commission i’m finishing up and my tiny pin cushion that seems to be terribly over loaded at the moment.

the two sweaters above just need to have their ends woven in. after that, they’ll have a good washing and blocking, then i’ll have hito model them. the red and black you’ve seen before but the solid black is somewhat new. at least with this collar style. it has the shaped neckline. i think that is my favorite of the all three neckline styles. i can not wait to see how it looks in black.

i finally up loaded photos of my yarn swatches for the commission page on doa. i didn’t realize i had so many colors. i also just realized that i need to restock several if i want to make some for nekocon-_-.

one more thing before i go… oh, swd school a, how i love thee

again, another lovely from robin’s egg. it was never really a favorite sculpt of mine but when i see it modded like this i just can not help but go back and look (and weep TAT… so pretty). there is a modded swd school a on the market place now that resembles this one so much. i’m so very tempted but i just can’t justify it(they want a lot for it… and rightfully so. it is beautiful). i’m also very tempted to get an unmodded one and try to mod it myself. i have no issue with the eyes but i’m not sure how i would go about modding the mouth. oh well, someday i suppose.

for sweaters at least. right now it’s just for the sd-13s and the minis.

hats, other goodies and shop are coming as well. i’m going on vacation soon so i’m hoping to work out the other sizes i had planned.

for my lj friends, sorry for the double post of my sale thread. i don’t mean to spam.


i never really showed off any of the blushing job i did on hitomu. here’s a little sample. it may be a bit much for some. i think i got carried away with some parts of the body but i had my reasons. lack of sleep and being a bit punch drunk didn’t help at all. i love it though. i will admit that i did not like the volk’s sd13 feet at first. i thought they were gnarly little things. now i’ve grown to love them. when he’s at home and with me he rarely wears shoes:P

anyway, enough about feet. i’m getting all of my stuff ready for the commission thread. i realized today, of all times, that i didn’t have an example of a specific collar style. so i started on one this morning so that i could at least have a sample to show. i will also be putting up a sale thread for the few sweaters i had left at the convention as well as a few i had started before the con but didn’t get to during. keep your eyes open this week.